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Playing hopscotch with kids

Fun things to do when Babysitting

(207 Kids Games, Activities & Entertainment Ideas)

The best babysitting activities are simple to play, need no special equipment or setup, and are fun for all ages.

Here are our top 10 go-to ideas:

  1. Scavenger hunt with toys.
  2. Setup an obstacle course.
  3. Read a book upside down!
  4. Make paper planes and decorate them with markers.
  5. Organize a tea party or picnic.
  6. Do a magic show and make things disapear.
  7. Play balloon tennis.
  8. Build a cubby house.
  9. Play bowling down the hall.
  10. The floor is lava!

Continue below for our full list of 207 babysitting activities.

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Let the games begin...

Classic kids games

Play games kids love and have fun for hours.

1. Two truths and a lie

Sit in a circle and each person says three things about themselves, two things that are true and one lie. Everyone else tries to guess which is the lie.

This is a great way to learn about each other.

2. Peekaboo

Hide your face behind your hands then say ‘BOO’ as you suddenly move your hands away. This is a fun game for babies and toddlers.

3. Marco Polo

This is a fun swimming pool game to play for 3 or more kids. It’s very similar to tag but played in the pool and the finder has their eyes closed.

4. Play Chess

Many older kids love this game because it’s a battle with an army of pieces each with different strengths and weaknesses. Chess is a great way to train yourself to develop plans and think strategically.

See my Guide to Babysitting Older Kids for more ideas.

5. Hopscotch

Draw boxes on the ground with chalk with the numbers 1 to 10. Add a final box with ‘home’ written in it. To play you throw a small stone to put it in a square then hop in the numbers missing the number with the square in it. Don’t fall over or touch the lines.

Play indoors by marking out squares with tape instead of chalk.

6. Play a board game

Check what you have in the cupboard, there are so many great board games to play for any age, here's just a few:

  • Cranium
  • Monopoly
  • Scrabble
  • Boggle
  • Checkers
  • Snakes and ladders

7. Kids card games

A pack of cards is so versatile, there are hundreds of games to play, here are some great suggestions:

  • Snap
  • Uno
  • Cheat
  • Go Fish
  • Old Maid
  • Memory

8. Play Simon Says

Another classic kids favourite. One person gives orders starting with “Simon says...” and everyone has to copy, eg: “Simon says jump on the spot”. If they give an order but don’t say “Simon says” anyone who follows the order is out.

9. Hide and seek

A classic game loved by kids everywhere.

One child is the seeker, they close their eyes and count to 20 while everyone else hides. The seeker then announces in a loud voice “Coming ready or not” and the search begins. Last person found is the next seeker.

This is a great game to play inside or outside.

10. Play handball

Such a simple and fun game. All you need is a ball (tennis balls are perfect) and a flat hard surface to play on. You can mark out squares with chalk, or even better, utilise the joins in a concrete path. This game is great for improving coordination and fitness.

11. Charades

This is a fun guessing game for all ages. Divide into teams and one person at a time acts out a word or phrase that is written on a piece of paper. The actor cannot speak while acting. The team with the first correct answer gets a point.

12. Jenga

This is another classic game suitable for all ages. Take turns to carefully remove a block from the tower (with a single hand only) and place it on the top. Whoever knocks the tower down is the loser, everyone else wins! This game has a great buildup and a sense of anticipation.

13. Setup an obsticle course

This is fun to setup as well as play. Use whatever random household objects you have to create a variety of obstacles along a path from a start to a finish. Who can do it the quickest? This can be played indoors or outdoors.

14. The pack away game

Teach kids to clean up after themselves with the pack away game. Just start singing (to the tune of London Bridge is falling down):

Everybody pack away,
Pack away,
Pack away,
Everybody pack away
Just like Timmy”
(Insert your child’s name)

15. Scavenger hunt with toys

My kids love this game. Start with a selection of 1 to 8 toys of various sizes and shapes then one person hides them all in a room or the backyard. Then everyone else tries to find as many as they can.

16. Play I spy

This is a fantastic low-energy game that can be played anywhere by any ages. For younger kids start by saying the colour of the spyed item, for kids who can read use the first letter of the word.

Arts and crafts for kids

Get that creative energy flowing with these kid-friendly arts and crafts.

17. Make paper snowflakes

Fold a sheet of paper in half 3 - 5 times in different directions and at different angles then start cutting small shapes out. Unfold the paper to reveal your creation. Try experimenting with different folds and cut shapes. Can you make a snowflake?

18. Make a treasure map

Start by drawing landmarks like mountains, trees, rivers and buildings. Then draw a big red X where the treasure is buried. Make your map look old by creasing it and soaking it in cold tea to yellow the paper. Once it’s dry roll it up and put it in a bottle.

19. Crayon rubbings of different textures

Hold a piece of paper over an interesting surface and draw over the top with a crayon to reveal a textured pattern. What patterns can you find inside or outside? See if anyone can guess what the textures came from.

20. Create your own snakes and ladders game

First draw a simple grid on a large piece of paper (A3 is a perfect size).

Next, start at the bottom left and number all the squares until you get to the last one in the top row, label this one ‘finish’.

Draw snakes and ladders between randomly selected squares and then you're done!

All you need to start a game is a dice and some coins as markers.

21. Make a crown and decorate it

Make a ring from a long piece of cardboard joined so it perfectly matches the child’s head size. Cover it in aluminum foil to make a silver crown. Decorate it with coloured beads, cellophane, and jewel stickers. Add ribbons and shear cloth like a veil. Optionally make a wand or scepter.

22. Turn a squiggle into a picture

One person draws a simple abstract squiggle on a page then a second person does their best to turns it into something.

Try doing this in a group, everyone draws a squiggle then passes their paper to the next person and everyone tries to make a picture.

23. Make an outfit for the family dog

Start with something easy like a cape, a fancy collar, or leg warmers. Try pants and a shirt if you're looking for a challenge.

Make sure your dog is okay with the game and they're always comfortable.

24. Make a book

Take 10 blank A4 pages, fold them in half and staple them along the spine. Find a nice piece of cardboard to make a hard cover and decorate it with wrapping paper. Attach a ribbon for a built-in bookmark. Don’t forget to write your name in it.

25. Face painting

Kids love having their face painted.

For girls, rainbow fairy makeup or a butterfly are great ideas. For boys, a superhero or monster may be more their preference. Animals like tigers, frogs, or a shark are also popular.

Make sure you use proper face-painting paints so it washes off easily at bath time.

Learn some amazing face painting tips in our dedicated article Face painting for babysitters, you’ll be so glad you did.

26. Draw a maze

Use a thick black pen to make a complicated maze then see if anyone can make it from start to finish using a pencil. Rub out the pencil for the next person to try. Make it harder by not touching the sides or completing the maze with a one line and not lifting your pencil off the page.

27. Draw a portrait

You can work from a photo or try drawing a portrait from life. The model sits still while the artist draws them. If you don’t have an idea easel find a hard cover book to lean on. Try drawing with different media: Graphite pencil, coloured pencil or markers are great.

28. Make peg people

Draw little faces with markers and give them arms with pipe cleaners or wire. Make little clothes from scraps of fabric. Make a whole family.

Peg them to people when they’re not looking and see how long it takes them to notice!

29. Make pet rocks

Start by exploring outside to find the perfect rocks. Small stones that fit in the palm of your hand are best.

Glue on googly eyes or paint them, try using liquid paper if you don’t have paint.

Make a home for your pet rocks in a box or around the base of a potted plant.

30. Make sock puppets

Do you have some unused odd socks? Turn them into Sock Puppets!

Sew on buttons for eyes or glue on googly eyes. Make hair from wool or make a cute hat.

Attach a tongue made from a piece of red fabric. Try making a forked tongue from a red rubber band to make a snake.

Hide behind the couch and put on a puppet show!

31. Make a flip-book animation

Find a block of post-it notes (a small writing pad or an old book with wide margins works too).

Next draw a picture on each page slightly changing it each time.

Flick through the pages to see your animation come to life! Make a movie series with a different book per episode.

32. Make dinosaur feet from empty tissue boxes

Paint two tissue boxes dinosaur skin colour, you can even add plastic mesh so it looks like scales.

Glue triangles of sponge to the front to make claws.

Now put your feet in them and stomp around the house roaring like a T-rex. Grrrrrrrr!

33. Head, body and legs surprise drawings

  1. Start by drawing a funny head at the top of a page then fold the page behind so only two lines of the neck are visible.
  2. Pass the drawing to the next artist and they can draw a body with arms then fold the paper over leaving four lines visible for the start of the legs.
  3. The last person draws the legs and feet.
  4. Unfold the paper to reveal a surprise drawing made from different body parts!

This is a fun game to play in a group where you pass the drawings between each step.

34. Colouring-in

Get out your coloured markers or crayons, download our free colouring book, print it out and start colouring. Try playing music at the same time to get the creative juices flowing.

You can even try out our free babysitting flyer generator, print out some black and white posters, then get the kids you’re babysitting to colour them in for you. They look brilliant on the street!

35. Make scary masks with eye holes

Start with a paper shopping bag, put it over the child’s head then mark the eye positions. Take it off before cutting out the eye holes. Next get together lots of different materials and let the kids decorate their mask. Try out wool, coloured paper, stickers, sticky tape, beads, fabric and whatever you have lying around.

36. Draw outside with chalk

Find a large paved area such as a driveway or concrete patio and get drawing with coloured chalk. Try drawing a big hole in the ground and try not to fall in!

37. Wrap a present

Everyone loves receiving presents, why not make some for the people you love. Find an old toy, unused object or something you have made and wrap it up with beautiful paper. Don’t forget to make a name tag and add a ribbon. Have fun giving!

38. Make a shaker

Find an empty plastic bottle, put in a handful of rice and close the lid to create a basic shaker. Experiment with beads and other items to create different sounds.

Make a custom shaker by applying papier-mâché over a blown up balloon, then pop it when its dry, add beads and a handle. Paint it in bright colours.

39. Card making

Is it someone’s birthday soon or another special occasion such as Christmas, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, Why not make a special card?

Start with plain paper or cardboard and decorate it with markers. Don’t forget to write a beautiful message.

40. Make a rainbow pen

Line up 6 markers in the colour spectrum order and sticky tape them together: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. You have created a rainbow pen!

Drawing a rainbow in one simple arc with your rainbow pen! Try drawing other things too: hearts, stars, patterns and write your name!

41. Make an airplane from an empty plastic bottle

Cut out wing shapes from thick paper or cardboard and sticky tape them to the sides of an empty plastic bottle.

Attach a triangle to the back to make the tail.

Make a cardboard propeller with a hole in the middle that neatly fits over the bottle opening, screw on the bottle cap to hold it in place.

Draw round windows with a marker and a pilot in the cockpit.

Now you’re ready for takeoff!

42. Make a picture frame for your favourite drawing

Find a big piece of cardboard then cut out a rectangle that is slightly smaller than your artwork.

Cover your frame with aluminum foil to make a fancy silver frame. Draw patterns over the top with a black marker.

Staple a string across the back.

Attach your artwork to the with sticky tape then hang it on the wall.

43. Play with stickers

Use stickers to create a picture on paper and draw in extra parts. Try decorating something by covering it with lots of stickers.

Don’t have any stickers? Check your fruit bowl, most fruit comes with special fruit stickers, or make your own from sticky tape and markers.

44. Make an art wall

Find a blank wall that needs some love, the kids room is a perfect location.

Next, decorate the wall by putting up lots of drawings, photos, and paintings with blue-tack (so it can be removed later).

Create a sign for the top of the wall “Julie’s art wall”. (use your kids name or multiple kids). They will be so proud of their creations.

Make sure you leave space for future art.

45. Make something with playdough

Kids love getting their fingers into playdough. Make a dinosaur or a mushroom house, or a turtle.

Don’t have any playdough? It’s so easy to make:

1/2 cup of salt
1 cup of water
2 tablespoons of cream of tartar
1 cup of flour
1 tablespoon of oil
Food coloring

Full recipe on

46. Paint a picture

Get out your paint set and paint a beautiful picture. Try setting up an easel outside and paint a landscape from life.

47. Copy grid drawing game

Draw a grid of 4 squares across and 6 squares down on a piece of paper.

Next, draw a basic shape in every second square, eg: circle, spiral, star, heart, letters or numbers.

To play the game the child tries to copy each shape as closely as possible by drawing it in the adjacent square.

This is an excellent way for children to learn shapes and practice fine motor skills. Make the grid smaller and use more complicated shapes for advanced kids.

48. Make paper planes

All you need is some paper and you can create a whole fleet of aircraft. Try different designs for speed, stunts, or gliding. Who can fly theirs the furthest?

Draw windows and graphics on your plane with coloured markers.

49. Make a magic tree

Find a tree or favourite pot-plant in the backyard and make it a magic tree by decorating it with special things.

Sprinkle glitter or confetti around the base of the trunk and hide small toys and trinkets in the branches. Tie ribbons or coloured string to the leaves so it flows with the breeze.

Paint a door and windows on the trunk so it looks like fairies or elves live there.

Cooking with kids

Create and eat beautiful, healthy food together.

50. Prepare a picnic

First, get the equipment together, a blanket, paper plates and cups.

Next, prepare the food, make celery and carrot sticks, cut sandwiches, get a selection of fruit, and maybe even some chocolate for dessert!

Pack everything in a basket then find a nice place to enjoy an outside meal together.

51. Build a gingerbread house

Start by cooking flat pieces of gingerbread. Next, cut them to shape and ‘glue’ them together with icing. Decorate your house with icing flowers and little animals.

Take a picture and show your friends and family.

52. Bake cookies

Everyone loves freshly baked cookies (even parents) and it makes the house smell great too!

Kids love to help out making the mixture and learning how it’s done. Take turns mixing with a wooden spoon.

Roll the mixture into balls and flattern them on a tray. Decorate then if you like.

Kids are so excited when they’re finished and ready to eat!

53. Food guessing game

Blindfold each participant and then feed them small amounts of food and see if they can guess what they’re eating.

Make sure to only use nice food and be aware of any allergies.

54. Decorate a cake

Kids love decorating cakes. Start by collecting a variety of yummy toppings, eg: fruit, chocolate, sprinkles and nuts.

Next, ice the cake to create a blank canvas to work from.

Finally, create beautiful patterns and designs with your toppings, you could even make a picture.

Finally, it’s time to eat it!

55. Eat food in the dark with glow chopsticks

This is a fun dessert idea just before bed.

Try serving chopstick-friendly food like fruit salad or marshmallows.

Turn the light off, crack your glow sticks to light them up, and have a glowstick dessert!

Clean and take your glowsticks to bed when you’re finished.

56. Cook baked potatoes in a bonfire

Parents or caregivers will need to be extra careful with this activity.

Spike potatoes with a fork, cover them in butter and wrap them in silver foil. Next, put them in the hot coals of a bonfire once the flames have died down a bit for 30 - 60 minutes.

Fish them out with a long stick, open the foil, and serve with salt and pepper. YUM!

57. Make your own pizza

Start with a pre-made pizza base or make one from scratch if you know how.

Next, cover the pizza with a thin layer of tomato paste using the back of a spoon.

Add your favourite toppings such as capsicum, salami, mushroom, pineapple, ham and olivies. Add a layer of mozzarella cheese then put it in the oven.

Homemade pizza time!

58. Build fruit animals

All you need is a selection of fruit, toothpicks, and hungry kids!

Use the toothpicks to join pieces of fruit together. Make legs, arms, a head and of course eyes.

Try making a turtle, a caterpillar, a crocodile or a monster.

What animals can you make?

59. Create special potion drinks

Start by finding lots of different drinks and extras from your fridge, eg: fruit juice, coconut water, sports drinks, milk, strawberries, oranges, berries and mint.

Next, try mixing different combinations together to make special potions.

Can you make healing drinks, super energy drinks, or space drinks?

Don’t forget to use special curly straws if you have them.

60. Make hot chocolate

A perfect treat for a cold day that’s super-easy to make.

Add a marshmallow to the top!

61. Bake gingerbread men

Gingerbread men are so fun to make because of the decorating.

Use different coloured icing, currents, chocolate chips, nuts and sprinkles to make the most amazing creations.

Eating them is even more fun!

62. Make ice blocks

Fruit ice blocks are so nice in hot weather. Experiment with different juices and add pieces of fruit for a wow factor.

If you don’t have ice block moulds use plastic cups with a paddle pop stick in it. Alternatively make fruit ice blocks in an ice block tray and add them to drinks.

63. Make super-salad sandwiches

Fresh salad sandwiches are delicious and healthy, learn how to make them together. Recommend ingredients:

  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Grated carrot
  • Sliced beatroot (if you’re Australian)
  • Cucumber
  • Avocado
  • Alfalfa sprouts

Optional extras:

  • Cheese
  • Chicken or ham
  • Mayonnaise

64. Make 'C' salad

A healthy salad where all ingredients start with 'C'! Start with a cous cous base then include any of the following:

  • Celery cubes
  • Cheese cubes
  • Coriander Leaves
  • Capers
  • Capsicum
  • Corn kernels
  • Chickpeas
  • Cucumber
  • Carrot cubes
  • Chilli (if you're game)

Can you think of other ingredients that start with ‘C’?

Perform for an audience

For kids who love to have all eyes on them.

65. Have an air guitar competition

Put on some awesome rock music with epic guitar solos.

Let your hair down and rock out. Feel the music flow through you as your hands move like lightning across the imaginary strings.

Give your heart and soul to the performance like the rock god that you are!

66. Have a dance party

Find an spacious area indoors, the lounge room is perfect.

Take turns being the deejay and play all your favourite up-tempo music while everyone dances. Practice special moves. Have a dance-off!

Try closing the curtains, turning the lights off and playing with glow sticks while you dance.

67. Do a juggling act

Find three things to juggle, eg: balls, balloons, screwed up paper balls, handkerchiefs, wooden spoons, or sponges.

Try juggling two first, then three, then four if you can.

How long can you juggle for without stopping?

68. Make a stage for a talent show

  1. Find a slightly elevated place for a stage, the couch or a bed is perfect.
  2. Make foom for a back stage area for dressing and show preparation.
  3. Rig up a rope and hang a sheet or blanket for a stage curtain.
  4. Make a microphone from a toilet roll core and a ball.
  5. Place cushions on the floor for audience seating.
  6. You’re all set. The show will begin in 5 minutes!

69. Choreograph new dance moves

Start by selecting a fun song to dance to. Play the song bit by bit and make up moves that match the sound of the music. Try acting out words to help tell a story.

If you're in a group try inventing a new synchronised dance.

70. Freeze dance

One person is the designated deejay, they are in charge of the music.

When the music is playing everyone dances like crazy with wild movements, twirls, jumps and spins. When the deejay stops the music everyone has to freeze on the spot!

Can you freeze quick enough?

71. Storytelling

Take turns telling scary stories in the dark while shining a torch up at your face. Tell strange but true stories that really did happened to you.

Make up the craziest story possible but pretend it really happened.

Tell 'what if' stories, eg: What if I won the lottery, what if I entered a surfing contest, what if I was a horse.

72. Sing nursery rhymes

Babies and young kids love nursery rhymes, try out these:

  • Mary had a little lamb
  • Rock-a-by baby
  • Twinkle twinkle little star
  • The wheels on the bus
  • Old MacDonald had a farm
  • Rain, rain go away
  • Baa baa black sheep
  • Five little ducks
  • I'm a little teapot
  • One, two, three, four, five

73. Do magic tricks

You might need to make a magic wand for some of these tricks:

  • Make a soft toy appear out of a hat.
  • Find a coin behind someone's ear.
  • Make someone disappear!
  • Do card tricks.
  • Cut someone in half with a pretend saw.
  • Invent your own tricks

74. Stand-up silly comedy

The aim of stand-up silly comedy is to make the audience laugh, it doesn't matter how you do it.

Try telling funny jokes (see our 300 best kids jokes), wearing funny clothes, accidentally falling over, or be silly and make a fool of yourself. What way works best for you?

75. Start a band

Find all your musical instruments or make your own. Use two spoons to make a tapping sound, pots and pans as drums and cymbals, or make a guitar from a piece of cardboard and string.

Put on some music and play along. Film yourself so you can see what you look like.

76. Tell jokes

Everyone loves a good joke. Kids especially love to tell knock, knock jokes.

See our huge list of over 300 funny kids jokes and pick your favorites to make a comedy show!

77. Singing or karaoke

Make a pretend microphone from a toilet roll core and a ball, or use a real one if you have it.

Play your favourite songs and sing along.

Don't forget all the actions and synchronised dancing!

Try out a duet.

78. Perform a puppet show

First make a puppet stage, try moving the couch out from the wall so you have space behind it to operate the puppets without being seen by the audience.

Gather your puppet performers, they can be sock puppets, finger puppets, or any fun toys.

Next make up a fun show, eg: fighting action with robots and dinosaurs, romance with Barbie and Ken, or an animal adventure.

79. Make a dolly or teddy dance to music

Start off slow and then get crazy. Move the legs and arms in time with the beat, do spins, somersaults, the splits or breakdancing.

See if you can make people laugh with funny, unexpected dance moves.

Action sports for kids

When kids have energy to burn. Burn baby, burn!

80. Balloon tennis

Tie a string across the room and place a sheet over it to make a net then play tennis by batting a balloon to each other with your hands. Don’t let the balloon touch the ground or the other team gets a point.

81. Frisbee

You need a nice open space to play a good game of frisbee, if the backyard isn’t big enough, try the local park.

Get in a big circle so everyone is the right distance away. See how many times you can fly it to each other without dropping it.

82. Basketball

Basketball is a fun game kids love to play. Try playing HORSE, one-on-one, or a team game if there are enough participants.

If you don’t have a basketball ring or ball use a bucket and make a ball from screwed up paper then have an inside shooting competition.

83. Backyard cricket

This is a fun backyard game for 3 or more kids.

All you need is a bat and a ball. One kid bats, one bowls, and everyone else fields.

Get to the fence for a four, over the fence is six and out!

84. Limbo with a broom

This is a fun game to play with music. Two kids can hold a broom or place it on something like a chair to get the right height.

Keep lowering the broom until only one player is left, they are the winner!

How low can you go?

85. Play catch

All you need is two kids and a ball. Start off close together, throw it to each other and when you catch it, take a step back.

How far apart can you get?

This is a fun way to build up your throwing strength and accuracy.

86. Play tag

Tag is a classic kids game that everyone loves.

One kid is ‘it’ so they have to catch someone, everyone else is trying to escape. When a kid gets tipped, they’re now ‘it’ and it’s their turn to catch someone. The previous ‘it’ has 10 seconds to get away!

87. Have a game of soccer (football)

Mark out goal posts at either end of an open area of grass, setup teams and kickoff to begin.

Everyone loves a game of soccer and it’s a great way to keep fit.

88. Running races

Mark out a running track, use trees or other landmarks to define different legs of a race.

Run in a group or take turns and time each runner on your mobile and see who gets the lowest time.

89. Bowling down the hall

Find a set of empty plastic bottles to make the pins (they don’t have to be the same).

Most balls are great for bowling, soccer balls, basketballs, even tennis balls.

Set up the pins and see how many shots it takes to bowl them all over.

90. Putt putt golf

The best thing about putt putt golf is it can be played almost anywhere with household equipment.

If you don’t have a putter you can use a cricket bat or even a stick.

Any small ball will work just fine.

Make holes from plastic cups, plant pots or even a shoe on its side!

Design a course and hold a golf competition.

Fun learning and education

Activities for enquisitive minds.

91. Pull apart a broken toy to see how it works

For older kids who are interested in science, dismantling broken toys can be a fascinating experience.

Before throwing a toy away, take it apart to see how it works on the inside. You can find lots of interesting parts like, electric motors, gears, wires, switches and lights. You can even use these parts to make something new.

With a bit of practice you may even learn how to fix toys instead of throwing them away.

92. Play with electronics

Make simple electronic circuits from batteries, wires, switches, motors and lights.

Learn how to connect electronic components together and experiment with different battery sizes.

Try building your own a drill, a fan, or a torch.

93. Explore different textures

This is a fun learning experience for babies. Find lots of safe household items that have different textures and surfaces and let them explore. Just make sure they don't eat anything! Here are some good suggestions:

  • Soft wool
  • Sponge
  • Crackly plastic
  • Smooth surfaces
  • Rubber gloves

94. Write a story

Writing a story can be very exciting because you can include all of your favourite things. You decide what happens and there are no limits!

Let others read your stories and watch their reaction.

Could you be a budding author?

95. Brain teasers

There's nothing like brain teasers to pass the time and keep the mind sharp. Here are some good suggestions:

  • Crosswords
  • Find-a-word
  • Sudoku

96. Design an amazing house

How many bedrooms do you want? What about a pool inside with a waterslide from each bedroom? Make sure you have room for a garage or rocket launching pad!

97. Put together a puzzle

Everyone has enjoyed puzzles at some time in their life.

Spread out the pieces on a table and turn them all face up to begin. Start by finding the edges and corners and build from the outside in.

Piecing puzzles together can be quite relaxing.

98. Mathematics pop quiz

Give out random maths questions when kids least expect it and see who can answer them first.

Try a variety of operations such and addition, subtraction and throw in a few negative numbers too if they're advanced enough.

Keep mathematics at the top of their mind by constantly counting things in your daily life.

99. Play the learning dinosaur game!

The learning dinosaur game starts out as a fun DIY project that you can easily build with recycled materials, then the game begins! It is fun to play for babies, toddlers and even older kids.

See our complete instructions and how to play guide including pictures!

100. Learn about the planets on the internet

There are lots of good websites about the planets, Wikipedia is a great place to start, so is NASA.

See what each planet looks like and how it's different to Earth.

What is the Great Red Spot on Jupiter?

Marvel at the rings on Saturn.

And discuss, is Pluto really a planet?

101. Read a book

There are unlimited worlds to discover in books, and kids who read regularly can get a better head start in life. For these reasons, reading is one of the best activities for thirsty, young minds.

If your child is too young to read by themselves, then read for them. Ask what their favourite books are and enjoy the stories together.

Try changing the main character’s name to your child’s name for added fun and engagement.

See our reccommended kids books for babysitters for iconic stories along with activity ideas that follow-on to keep the kids entertained.

102. Examine things closely with a magnifying glass

Do you have a magnifying glass, a microscope, or a macro lens that clips over a mobile camera? These tools are great for exploring the tiny world around us.

Look at the fibres in a piece of cloth up close, find interesting leaves, feathers, or bug wings and see them in extreme detail. You will be amazed at what you can find.

Things kids can build

Let them make something they can be proud of.

103. Build a website

For older kids, who are into computers, they might love to build a website.

Create a text file, save it with the ‘.html’ extension, and open it in your web browser to view.

Read tutorials online to learn how to write basic HTML.

Upload your website to a free host on the internet.

104. Build a billy cart

This can be a great project for older kids. You will need some wheels, wood and a few bolts.

Paint your billy cart in exciting colours when you’ finished construction and when it’s dry you can race it down the driveway. Just make sure to keep off the road.

105. Build a cubby house

Do you have any unused wood or panels in your back yard, or maybe branches or large pieces of bark? If you do, then it’s fun to build a cubby house with these materials.

Find a good spot, eg: the bottom of a tree or in a bushy area with lots of branches and then start building walls.

Use a panel of wood or stretch plastic over the top for a roof.

Just be careful of any snakes and spiders.

106. Hang a swinging rope in a tree

Swings are lots of fun. All you need is a tree and a bit of rope.

Make a hanging swing by threading a loop through a piece of pipe.

Make a tyre swing from (you guessed it) an old tyre.

Traditional swings use a board of timber.

Or try a crazy new swing invention by tying a bike or a chair to the rope!

107. Build tin can stilts

You will need two tin cans and some string.

Make two holes in the sides of each can near the top and tie string loops to them. Make sure the loop is the right length so you can reach it while standing up straight on the tins.

How far can you walk in your stilts without falling over?

108. Create a dollhouse from shoe boxes

Stack shoe boxes on top of each other to make different stories in your house.

Use wrapping paper as wallpaper, and cut out windows.

Make furniture from cardboard and other small boxes.

Add a kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom.

Take your toys on a house tour to see if they want to move in.

109. Make a model boat with a sail

Start with a length of wood, cut a point at the front for a bow, then attach a mast. Make a sail from an old sheet.

Try sailing your boat on a lake on a windy day. How well did it go? Do you have ideas for improvements?

110. Make a treehouse net

Do you have a tree in the backyard that's suitable for a treehouse?

Add beams of wood and attach netting to make a hammock lounging area in the tree.

Make sure you have adult supervision to make sure everyone is safe.

111. Make a kite

All you’ll need is two thin sticks, a cut up garbage bag and some string. Try experimenting with different kite shapes to see which flys best. Don’t forget a decorative tail.

112. Make cup-and-string telephones

These are fun and teach you about science. All you need is two paper cups and a piece of string.

Put a small hole in the bottom of each cup to attach them together with a piece of string. Pull the string tight to make a phone call, hold the cup over your ear to listen, while the other person talks into the cup. The sound waves travel along the string as vibrations.

113. Pitch a tent and setup camp

Do you have an old tent in your attic? Kids love setting up camp.

Find a nice sunny spot in the backyard and start assembling. Put up shade cloth and setup camp chairs and a pretend fireplace.

Have a picnic in the tent when you’re done.

114. Build a model house

Model houses are fun to build and you can use all kinds of materials, cardboard, match sticks, balsa wood, plastic, and foam. All you need is some modeling glue to hold everything together.

You can even make furniture and people to live in your house.

115. Build a house from a big cardboard box

Cut a door leaving one side folded for a hinge. Add a keyhole and make a key from left over cardboard. Cut out windows to let light in. Draw appliances on the walls inside like washing machines, TVs, kitchen cabinets, and security control panels.

116. Build a sundial

Knock a stake into the ground in a sunny spot then watch the shadow move throughout the day. To setup the sundial place a stone at the end of the shadow at each hour with the hour written on it. Now you can tell the time during the day by seeing which stones are closest to the shadow.

117. Blocks

Building with blocks can be fun for all ages. It’s excellent for babies to develop hand-eye-coordination. For older kids they get to test their creative engineering skills.

Try building a block tower taller than you. Other great ideas include castles, zoo houses, train stations, and tiled patterns.

118. Construct a tee pee

Tee pee’s are easy to construct and kids love playing in them.

All you need is three long poles (brooms or sticks are ideal) a sheet or blanket, and a few pegs.

Start by joining the poles together at the top with a heavy duty rubber band or some string.

Next, open out the poles into a pyramid shape and cover them with a sheet. Hold the sheet in place with pegs.

Finally, decorate inside the tee pee with comfy cushions and soft toys.

You can build tee pees inside or outside if the weather is sunny.

119. Build a pillow fort

Kids never grow tired of building pillow forts.

Collect a bunch of pillows, cushions and blankets and build a house to play in. Use pegs to hold blankets in place and use the couch as part of the structure if you need to.

This can be extra fun in cold weather.

120. Get creative with lego

Lego is one of the best toys in the world because it encourages creativity. Build a house, a castle, a rocket ship, or a race car. Even adults can play with Lego for hours. Babies and toddlers can play with the bigger lego block versions too.

Kids health and fitness activities

Promote a healthy body and soul from an early age.

121. Three-legged races

You'll need teams of two for three-legged races. Tie a piece of cloth to hold two teammates legs together then have running races. You'll need to work together if you want to win! (It's not as easy as it looks)

122. Pull-ups and sit-ups

This is an excellent fitness exercise to play on monkey bars or simply on the ground. Tuck your toes under the bed to help with sit-ups.

How many can you do in one go?

123. Gymnastics

Gymnastics helps to strengthen muscles and improve body control. Try these ideas:

  • Balancing
  • Handstands and head stands.
  • Forward rolls or somersaults
  • Cartwheels
  • Back bends

124. Skipping

Skipping can be done solo or in a large group, all you need is a rope. Try tying one end to a fence, one kid can swing the rope and a line of kids can all jump together. How many can you do in a row?

125. Kid-friendly yoga

Yoga is a great way to relax and destress, even for kids. Try these poses.

  • Downward dog: Hands and feet on the ground and your body in the shape of an upside down ‘V’.
  • Cat pose: on all fours with your back arched up.
  • Tree pose: on one leg with your hands together above your head.
  • Cobra: lie on your stomach then arch your head back while lifting yourself with your arms.

126. Meditate

Sit in the classic cross-legged meditation position with your hands resting on your knees and your thumb and middle finger touching on each hand.

Stay quiet and still and concentrate on your breathing.

Try meditation music and dim the lights to create the right mood.

127. Tug of war

You'll need at least two kids for this competition and a long length of rope.

Tie a piece of coloured wool (or similar) to the middle of the rope and mark the start position on the ground so you can see how far it moves during the war.

The trick is to get down low and dig your feet into the ground if you can.

128. Hula hooping

Kids can have hours of fun with hula hoops. Start around your waist then try other parts of your body when you get better, eg: around your arm, a leg, and even your neck.

How low around your ankles can you hula hoop before it falls to the ground?

Outings with kids

When you have to get out of the house these are some of the best kid-friendly places to go.

129. Go to the museum

Learn about out history by seeing how people lived in the past. Marvel at old technology (remember when phones were connected to the wall) and laugh at the old fashion.

130. Visit a friend

Why not organise a play date with a friend?

Visit them at their home or meet in the park. Bring some fun collaborative toys to play with.

131. Walk the dog

Your dog will love it if you take him on an adventure.

Explore your neighbourhood and say hi to your neighbours on the way.

Make sure you have your dog on a lead and don't forget to take doggy poop bags so you can clean up any mess.

132. Visit the library

Libraries can be very exciting because there are so many books to explore.

Teach kids how to borrow books and make it a regular outing that they can look forward to.

Bedtime stories are always special if you have new books to read.

See our Guide to babysitting at the library for fun activity ideas that children will love.

133. Walk to the shop

Do your kids have some pocket money to spend, if so, a trip to the shop is a great way to teach them about money and how you buy things.

134. Visit a family member

Go and visit Grandma or Grandpa, they'd love to see you. You could even write a card for them and pick flowers on the way.

135. Go to the park

If you have a park nearby then go and explore it. Take toys that require lots of space such as a football, hula hoops, radio controlled cars, frizbies or a kite and then spread out and enjoy playing in the open air. (See our guide to babysitting at the park for more ideas)

136. Go to the zoo

The zoo is one of the best outings for kids. See all the wild animals you've read about in books in real life!

Take lots of photos and videos so it's a day to remember.

137. Swim at the local pool

If it's hot then a trip to the local pool is a great way to spend the day.

Make sure you take sunscreen, a hat and a shirt to protect you from the sun.

See our complete guide: babysitting at the pool for safety tips, games, and a checklist of items to bring.

Kids roleplaying ideas

Let kids explore the world of possibilities that lies before them.

138. Abracadabra I turn you into a...

Use a magic wand to turn people into different animals and watch them act the animal out.

Try a frog, dog, cat, horse etc.

See if you can make everyone laugh.

139. Become a superhero

Make a mask from a paper plate and elastic, make a cape from a towel or small sheet. All sorts of accessories are possible including stick swords, utility belts, wands, shields, and cardboard ninja stars. Make a secret base and then save people that need help.

140. Play Mum's and babies

Have fun feeding and changing your toy babies and playing with them.

Setup a play house with a comfy bed and put your toys to sleep.

141. Be a Fireman and put out fires

Make a pretend hose from a cardboard tube and turn a toy car into a fire engine. Drive around the house putting out fires and saving people.

142. Famous people guessing game

Try acting like famous people without speaking and see if anyone else can guess who you are.

143. Famous movie quotes guessing game

Take turns to say a line from a your favourite movie and see if anyone else can guess what movie it's from.

Try doing actions too if it helps.

144. Create a pretend shop and sell things

Use the pretend money in a Monopoly game if you have one or make money from paper and markers.

Setup a shopfront from a cardboard box or with a small table.

Find items to sell from around the house, empty packets and bottles are great things to use.

145. Play Doctors and operations

Put on a big white shirt to be a doctor or nurse. Is someone sick? Take their temperature, and wrap them in bandages to make them feel better.

Is there an emergency? Maybe you'll have to do an urgent pretend operation!

146. Be a space man / women and travel to another galaxy

Make a space helmet from an ice cream dish and where silver clothes.

Make a space ship from a cardboard box and draw lots of controls and computer screens on it.

You might need special space food for your trip.

Fun bath time ideas kids love

Bath time will never be boring again! Make sure you read our 21 bathtime tips for babysitters and also brush up on your children’s water safety.

147. Wrap up presents in a washer

Find small toys and wrap them in the bath washer and give them as presents.

Happy Bathday! Oooh what is it?

Opening bath presents is lots of fun.

148. Bathtime fun with plastic kitchen utensils

Find save kitchen utensils that can be played with in the bath, some examples are:

  • Cups
  • Bowls
  • Funnels
  • Sieve
  • Straws

These things can keep kids entertained for hours.

149. Freeze the toys!

Put rubber bath toys into small containers of water, then freeze them. After a few hours, take out the ice blocks and watch the kids smile and have the greatest fun ever playing with them in the bath (just make sure the water doesn't get too cold.) Older kids may also enjoy trying to break the ice with wooden hammers! Fun, fun, fun!

A big thank you to Anne Haris from London Governess who sent in this excellent idea, I’m going to try it this week!

150. 'Sink or float' bathtime guessing game

Find a variety of objects and try to guess if they will sink or float. Then put them in the bath to see who's right.

151. Make bubbles with an upturned cup

Capture air in a cup by pushing it underwater while upside down then tip it to the side to release bubbles!

Try bigger and smaller containers to make big and small bubbles.

152. Have a balloon bath

Blow up a few balloons and put them in the bath. See if you can get the tap water to spin the balloons around as the bath fills up.

Dribble water on the balloons from high up to make a fun rain sound.

153. Have a bubble bath!

Of course bubbles make everything more fun.

Try making a mountain from the bubbles or a hat!

154. Have a glow stick bath!

Put 1 to 10 glow sticks in the bath to make it look like the water is glowing. Turn the light off for an out-of-this-world experience.

Kids nature activities

Explore and appreciate the natural world and all it's wonders.

155. Make a nature picture from leaves and bark

Go on an expedition outside and find interesting leaves, tree bark, small sticks, nuts, flowers and other natural objects then create a picture from them.

Start by laying out your items on a page and move them around to get them in the right place. Once you’re happy, glue them in place and you’re done.

156. Make a daisy chain

This is a fun thing to do in Spring.

Try to pick daisies with a long stem, split the stem near the bottom with your finger nails then insert the next daisy. Repeat the process to create a chain of daisies.

Where them around your head like a crown.

157. Search for four-leaf clovers

Look for a nice clover patch and then sit in the grass and search for clovers with four leaves.

If you're lucky you might discover a magic clover patch with lots of fours and even five-leaf clovers.

Make sure you make a wish if you find any.

Press them in a book to preserve them.

158. Feed the birds

Find some seeds or bread and place it somewhere in the garden and wait birds to find it. If you regularly put out food you can attract a variety of beautiful birdlife.

159. Pot an indoor plant

Do you have a spare plant pot or an old cup or bowl that you don't need anymore?

Put a small hole in the bottom then half-fill with soil.

Find a small plant and transfer it to your new pot and fill the remaining space with soil.

Give it a good water outside then bring it inside and place it on a saucer to make a beautiful potted plant.

160. Explore outside with a torch at night

Go outside and explore at night, use a torch so you can see where you're going.

Can you find any nighttime animals?

161. Smell the flowers

Explore your garden and smell all the different flowers.

This can be a fun adventure for a baby.

162. Bird watching

Find a spot to quietly hide and watch for birds. See how many species you can spot.

Use binoculars if you have a set so you can see them close up.

163. Plant some flowers

Buy some flower seeds from your local store, fill some pots with soil or prepare a small garden bed, then plant and water your seeds.

Check on them each day, remove any weeds and water them before the soil gets dry.

Soon you will have flowers sprouting!

164. Pick some flowers

Hunt for flowers outside and pick one or two of each kind you find. Put them in a vase inside to brighten a room.

Just remember, never pick flowers on someone else's property.

165. Water the garden

If it's a hot day then chances are the garden will need watering.

Use a watering can or a hose and make sure all the plants get a good drink.

166. Go on a nature walk

Go explore the natural world by taking a walk through the bush or the woods.

See how many kinds of plants you can find.

167. Look at the stars

On a clear dark night lie on the lawn and look up at the stars. Turn off the house lights to remove any glare.

See if you can identify any planets or shooting stars.

168. Go bug hunting

Take a plastic container, add air holes and then go bug hunting.

How many different kinds of bugs can you catch?

Add some leaves and bark into your container so the bugs feel at home.

Other activities kids love

We have so many other great ideas to entertain kids.

169. Tummy time

For babies who can't crawl yet, tummy time is a great way for them to exercise.

Put them on their tummy for short periods of time so they can build up their muscles.

Put a toy in front of them and encourage them to move towards it.

170. Play with a mirror

Show a small hand mirror to a baby and let them explore their reflection. Move it closer and further away.

Try turning it to on an angle so you can look at each other.

171. Write a letter to a friend

People hardly write letters any more so it's so exciting when you receive one. Write one to your best friend and ask them to write back!

Try using a special pen and neatly ruled paper.

Decorate your envelope so they know something is special the moment they see it.

172. DIY beauty and makeup

Find a hand mirror then get out your kid-friendly makeup, it's time for a makeover.

Experiment with eyeshadow colours and styles, lipstick, mascara and blush.

Find the perfect look for you.

173. Hair styling

Have a hair styling day and experiment with:

  • Braids & plaits
  • Ponytails
  • Pigtails
  • Hair jewelry
  • Hair gel
  • And washable colour

174. Trick shots with a ball

Trick shots are lots of fun. Setup buckets and cups in different locations then try to bounce balls into them. Make things harder by doing it under the table and through the chair legs or down the stairs.

How tricky are you?

175. Practice wheelies on your bike

Can you ride on your bike on the back wheel? Practice makes perfect. How far can you go?

176. Give each other horse rides

One child becomes a horse on all fours, the other rides on their back like they're riding a real horse.

Try galloping, trotting, even rodeo!

Play on soft carpet so no-one get's hurt.

177. Start a pillow fight

Make sure nothing sharp, hard or breakable is nearby before you begin. Try marking out a circle in the middle of the room, grab your pillows and attack! The last one standing the circle is the winner.

178. Guess the song competition

Take turns playing music and see who guesses the song name first.

Guess the artist too for extra points.

179. Paint your nails

Try different nail polishes, sparkly and coloured. Paint designs and pictures.

Use fruit stickers for fun nail art you can easily remove.

180. Read palms and tell the future

Setup a fortune telling area and read people's palms.

Look into a crystal ball (or any kind of ball) and tell them what's going to happen in the future, how successful they will be, and who they will marry.

Don't forget to get paid for your services!

181. Play copycat

Start copying everything someone says by repeating everything after them. Do the same actions too.

For the kids being copied, try to say something that the copier doesn't want to say.

Just remember to stop if anyone gets annoyed!

182. Chinese whispers

Create a line of kids. Whisper a message to the first kid and then they whisper it to the second, etc. See if the message is the same when it gets to the other end.

183. Invent a secret handshake

Start a club and create a secret handshake that only members know.

Make it interesting with special moves, waves, clicks, or make it subtle so that it's hard to notice.

184. Have a water fight

Setup some bases with buckets of water and/or a hose then stock up on weapons, eg:

  • Water balloons
  • Water pistols
  • Super-soaker guns
  • Buckets

185. The floor is lava!

Can you get across the room without getting burned?

Try using cushions from the couch as stepping stones or wrap your feet in lava-proof material!

186. Camp out in the backyard over night

Setup camp in the garden with a tent, sleeping bag and a torch.

You'll hear all the beautiful sounds of the birds as the sun comes up.

187. Dress-ups and fashion fun

Open up your costume box or find old clothes, hats and accessories and have dress-up time.

Try dressing up as Mum, Dad, or your brother or sister. Or dress up in amazing fashion like a celebrity.

188. Human wheelbarrows

One child hold another by their feet while they walk with their hands, it looks like you're wheeling a wheelbarrow!

Have wheelbarrow races down the hall.

189. Roll a ball to each other

This is a fun game to play down the hallway.

One child goes to each end and you roll a ball back a forward to each other.

Try putting obstacles in the middle or using multiple balls for extra fun.

190. Rearrange kids room furniture

Changing the layout of a kids room is a major thing for a child, it can be lots of fun.

Move the bed to a different location so they have a completely different outlook.

Pretend to forget where they are in the morning for a laugh.

191. Toy car jumps

Build a jump from a piece of cardboard resting on a pile of books in the hallway then zoom your cars along and make them jump.

Try to jump over other cars or through narrow gaps.

192. Magnet fishing

Cut out fish shapes from paper and add a paperclip to each one, spread them around the floor.

Tie a piece of string to a stick and connect a magnet to the end.

See how many fish you can catch!

193. Host a tea party

This can be done with real or pretend tea (real tea is obviously better!) You need a teapot and some small cups and optional saucers.

Get all the guests together in a circle for the tea party, they can be real kids and/or toys, everyone's welcome!

Set out all the equipment and take turns pouring tea for each guest. Snacks also go well with tea.

194. Dig in the sand pit

Get our your beach shovels and buckets or your digging toys and create a big hole.

Make tracks through the sand for toy cars.

On a hot day use the hose to create rivers and dams.

195. Have a staring competition

Such a simple, but fun game and you don't need anything to play.

First one to blink is the loser!

196. Teddy bear picnic

Get your teddies together and prepare some snacks and drink then setup a picnic.

The best thing about teddy bear picnics is the teddies don't eat much!

197. Sort through the toy box and rediscover old favourites

If you have a big box full of toys, then chances are you have plenty of fun toys that you've forgotten about.

Start working your way through them and I bet everyone will be playing well before you reach the bottom.

198. Wash the family dog

Your dog will love the attention from a doggy wash.

Get a bucket of soapy water, some sponges and a brush and start washing.

Rinse off the soapy water with a hose and watch out for flying water when your dog tries to shake themselves dry.

For extra pampering use a hairdryer and make them all fluffy!

199. Watch a movie

You don't want to watch TV all day but watching a movie is a great way to relax after high-energy activities.

Get comfortable and even cook popcorn!

200. Play in the sprinkler

On a hot day, setup the sprinkler and take turns running through it. Fill up buckets and pour them over each other.

Don't forget sunscreen to protect from the sun.

201. Fun with balloons

Blow up a bunch of balloons and draw faces on them.

Blow up a balloon then let it go without tying it to see it fly around the room.

Put balloons on the floor and have a popping competition.

202. Pretend to be a caterpillar

Roll up in a blanket or sleeping bag and crawl around the floor like a caterpillar.

Can you do the arched back, are you eating leaves?

Who looks the most realistic?

203. Fly a kite

If it's a windy day then flying a kite is lots of fun.

Make sure you let out a lot of string and then run as fast as you can to get it up into the air.

You might need to go to the park where there is lots of room to do this.

204. Take funny photos with a camera

Use a mobile, iPod or tablet and take funny photos of everyone. Try using fun photo apps to add stickers or warp people's faces to make them funny.

Group photos are the best.

205. Listen to internet radio

Internet radio is fantastic because there are so many genres of music to explore. Do you prefer country, classical, rap, electronica, dance or jazz?

Try reading, drawing or building things while your listening.

206. Blow bubbles

Blow bubbles and see how many you can pop.

Try to catch bubbles again on your bubble blower.

Try to make giant bubbles by making a blower from a wire coat hanger and dipping into bubble mixture in a baking tray.

Who can make the biggest bubble?

207. Video call a friend

Setup a video call with family or friends with Skype or Facetime.

Tell them what you've been doing and show them your latest art and creations.

Grandma and Grandpa would love to speak with you.

You've reached the end!

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