Kidsit Babysitting Kit

Download the Kidsit Babysitting Kit

Free Printable Resources for Caregivers

If you're starting out babysitting, then the following printable resources will be super-useful.

Simply download, and print them whenever you need. You don't need to fill in any forms. Everything is free!

Parent details (Form)

Parent details form

When arriving at a babysitting job, ask the parents to fill out their details in this handy form so all their contact information is in one place.

Kidsit colouring book

Kidsit colouring book

Download the Kidsit colouring book and print out copies to take to your babysitting jobs along with a small set of coloured pencils.

Other resources for babysitters

Not all our resources are printable. Check out some of these helpful articles too:

Apps for babysitters

Babysitter using an app

We’ve assembled the best apps for babysitters to help track time, schedule clients, teach and entertain kids, and even turn your phone into a baby monitor.

Face Painting For Babysitters

Babysitter painting a boys face

Try face painting on your next babysitting job and discover the pure delight and wonder that children can experience. You can be the best babysitter ever!

Is Babysitting an Easy Job?

Child leading a babysitter

Learn some simple tricks to make babysitting easier and more fun for both you and the kids. Sitting doesn't have to be difficult.

How to Be a Safe Babysitter

Babysitter hugging a child

Learn how to be a safe babysitter by following our essential safety tips and best practices while looking after children. Safety is so important!

Best Kids Books for Babysitters

Babysitter reading to a child

Take your babysitting to the next level by reading these iconic children's books that naturally lead to fun and engaging activities that kids love

Is Babysitting a Real Job?

Babysitter holding a baby

Babysitting is most definitely a real job. Sitters get paid in real money and have real work. You can also earn more while babysitting than a lot of other jobs.

Can You Babysit Without Qualifications?

Babysitter hugging a boy

In most places, you don't need qualifications to babysit. However, parents prefer carers with a First Aid Certificate & other basic credentials. Find out what qualifications you need.