Kidsit Babysitting Kit

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If you're starting out babysitting, then the following printable resources will be super-useful.

Simply download, and print them whenever you need! You don't need to fill in any forms. Everything is free.

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Plus, check out our guide on how to create a babysitting binder to hold spare copies of everything.

Babysitting Forms

These forms make it super easy to capture important information from the families you work for.

Parent Details (Form)

Parent details form

When arriving at a babysitting job, ask the parents to fill out their details in this handy form so all their contact information, plus details about the children, is in one place.

Free Download
(parent-details-form-v2.pdf 36kb)

Special Needs Child Details (Form)

Special needs child details form

When babysitting children with special needs use our custom form to capture useful information from parents.

Learn more by reading our guide: How to babysit autistic children.

Free Download
(special-needs-child-details-form.pdf 49kb)

Babysitting Checklists

Never forget anything important again by following our various checklists specifically designed for babysitters.

What To Bring To A Babysitting Interview (Checklist)

Babysitting interview checklist (what to bring)

If you're attending babysitting job interviews then make sure you follow our handy checklist so you don't forget to bring anything important.

Read our article: What to bring to a babysitting interview for more details.

Free Download
(babysitting-interview-checklist.pdf 24kb)

What To Bring On A Babysitting Job (Checklist)

Babysitting Job checklist

Use our babysitting checklist and never forget to take essential items on your babysitting jobs.

Read the full article for even more details.

Free Download
(what-to-bring-on-a-babysitting-job-checklist.pdf 32kb)

Babysitting Sick Kids (Checklist)

Babysitting Sick Kids checklist

Just in case a child you're babysitting becomes sick, print off this checklist so you know exactly what to do.

See our Babysitting sick kids article for full details.

Free Download
(babysitting-sick-kids-checklist.pdf 37kb)

Babysitting Autistic Children (Checklist)

Babysitting autistic children checklist

Follow the important steps when babysitting children with autism to make sure your job funs as smoothly as possible.

Free Download
(babysitting-autistic-children-checklist.pdf 104kb)

Babysitting Documents

We have several other downloadable documents to help you with babysitting.

Kidsit Coloring Book

Kidsit coloring book

Download the Kidsit colouring book and print out copies to take to your babysitting jobs along with a small set of coloured pencils.

Drawing and colouring-in is a great activity for children of all ages.

Download Colouring Book
(kidsit-colouring-book.pdf 48kb)

Babysitting Coupons

Babysitting coupons

We have a selection of beautiful Kidsit babysitting coupons that are free to download and print out whenever you need them, they come in full color, light coloring, and black & white.

Simply fill one out when needed and give it to a family as a superb gift! Learn more about the benefits of babysitting for free.

Download Free Coupons
(babysitting-coupons.pdf 78kb)

Other resources for babysitters

Not all our resources are printable. Check out some of these helpful articles too: