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If you're just starting out as a babysitter, or if you've been working for a while but want to take your babysitting skills to the next level, then Kidsit is the perfect resource for you.

We have a growing library of helpful articles written by parents and childcare professionals that teach the finer points of babysitting for beginners right through to career caregivers.

See our Babysitting FAQs for answers to commonly asked questions about babysitting and childcare.

And be sure to visit our babysitting resources page to download printable documents to take on your sitting jobs.

Our goal at Kidsit is to help you to become the best babysitter you can be.

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How to Add Babysitting to Your Resume

Babysitter resume

Impress future employers with a professional resume that highlights your babysitting experience. Follow our simple guide and get that job!

Face Painting For Babysitters

Babysitter painting a boys face

Try face painting on your next babysitting job and discover the pure delight and wonder that children can experience. You can be the best babysitter ever!

How to Get Kids to Bed When Babysitting

Sleeping child

Learn these 8 simple tricks to nail a successful bedtime every night! It's surprising how many of these sleeping tips are not commonly known.

How to Stay Safe When Babysitting

Safe babysitter

Learn all the steps for keeping safe from the interview, to on the job childcare. Our tips include preventative measures and best practices while babysitting kids.

What to Wear When Babysitting

Babysitter choosing clothes

Strike the best balance between professional and practical by following our handy clothing tips for your next babysitting job.

Should you Babysit when Sick?

Sick babysitter

How sick is too sick? Do I need to find a replacement? What are the risks of babysitting when sick? Read on for the answers.

Can Men Babysit?

Male babysitter playing football with a child

Men can definitely babysit, but there is a lot of stigmatism in child care. We go over the challenges male babysitters face, as well as how to overcome them.

Is Babysitting an Easy Job?

Child leading a babysitter

Learn some simple tricks to make babysitting easier and more fun for both you and the kids. Sitting doesn't have to be difficult.

How to Be a Safe Babysitter

Babysitter hugging a child

Learn how to be a safe babysitter by following our essential safety tips and best practices while looking after children. Safety is so important!

Best Kids Books for Babysitters

Babysitter reading to a child

Take your babysitting to the next level by reading these iconic children's books that naturally lead to fun and engaging activities that kids love

Should Babysitters Clean?

Babysitter cleaning

Cleaning is a part of doing a good job. A good babysitter will tidy up any mess made while caring for the children. But how much cleaning is necessary?

Is Babysitting Considered Work Experience?

Babysitter with her resume

Babysitting can definitely be considered work experience for your resume, job application, or college application. See how to list your experience...

Is Babysitting a Real Job?

Babysitter holding a baby

Babysitting is most definitely a real job. Sitters get paid in real money and have real work. You can also earn more while babysitting than a lot of other jobs.

Can You Babysit Without Qualifications?

Babysitter hugging a boy

In most places, you don't need qualifications to babysit. However, parents prefer carers with a First Aid Certificate & other basic credentials. Find out what qualifications you need.

Apps for Babysitters

Babysitter using an app

We’ve assembled the best apps for babysitters to help track time, schedule clients, teach and entertain kids, and even turn your phone into a baby monitor.

Why Become a Babysitter?

A baby walking for the first time

We explore the main benefits of being a babysitter to help you decide if it's the right job for you.

How to babysit a sick child

A babysitter caring for a sick child

Caring for sick children doesn't have to be difficult. Follow my 10 worry-free tips to create a fun and rewarding experience that encourages a fast recovery, and don't get sick in the process!

Babysitting Help for Parents

If you've never used a babysitter before, or if you just need help to find and secure the best sitter for your family, then Kidsit is here to help.

We have a library of useful articles that is continually added to by babysitters, childcare professionals, and fellow parents who've been through this before.

Our collective experiences and advice can help you navigate the tricky process of finding and employing a babysitter with confidence and piece of mind.

At Kidsit, we believe that babysitting is an essential service for busy families that helps kids and parents achieve the best they can be.

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Do You Pay a Babysitter for an Interview?

Parent discussing payment during a babysitter interview

It's not normal to pay a babysitter for an interview, however, for babysitting, there's one key exception you should know.

Do You Provide Dinner for Your Babysitter?

Babysitter eating a sandwich and an apple

Learn what babysitters expect from parents when it comes to food. If you decide to provide dinner, try our 8 easy food ideas that are perfect for babysitters on the job.