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Rani Adamson

Rani Adamson: (Babysitter) in New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand

18yrs (She/Her) From $25/hour

Hey parents I am a reliable sitter who has been babysitting family friends and family members since 13/14 I adore looking after kids making sure there happy and having fun I am honest and trustworthy

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Chenelle Johnson

Chenelle Johnson: (Babysitter) in South Croydon, England, United Kingdom

33yrs (She/Her) From £10/hour

Secondary School teacher with 8 years teaching experience as well as childcare experience. Bachelors in Education, certificate in Specific learning disabilities as well as working with children w...

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Sitters in South Croydon, England, United Kingdom →

Sitter Interview Tips

How you conduct your interview process is critical to identifying the most appropriate sitter for your family. In the following articles, we run through a recommended babysitting interview format and provide tips and tricks that you can use to learn the most about your candidates. We also offer a huge list of good interview questions and how best to utilize them depending on your unique circumstances.

Cearah Loomans

Cearah Loomans: (Babysitter, Nanny) in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

20yrs (She/Her) From $25/hour

Hi everyone, I am 19 years old and a student at Waikato University studying early childhood. I have just completed my second year of my degree and will partake in my third and final year next y...

Sitters in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand →

Tonya Pekel

Tonya Pekel: (Babysitter, Nanny, Parent Helper, Au Pair) in Cairns, QLD, Australia

28yrs (She/Her) From $25/hour

Hello to all families ☺️ I am 27 yr old female, with nearly 3 years of a Bach. of Primary Ed completed. I have over 8 years of working with children. ages from 5 months to 13 years. I am passiona...

Sitters in Cairns, QLD, Australia →

How To Vet Babysitting Candidates

Sitter profiles on this site are not verified by Kidsit, it is up to the parent or guardian to do the vetting and to make sure they are who they say they are and the skills and qualifications they claim to have are valid. Follow our guides on checking babysitter references and running background checks.

Sitters in Priceville, AL, USA →

Aylin Shelly

Aylin Shelly: (Babysitter, Nanny) in Hackensack, NJ, USA

26yrs (She/Her) From $20/hour

Hi, I've been babysitting for over 5 years. I have a Bachelors degree and work. I have always loved being around kids and find joy in watching them learn and grow. With several years of experienc...

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Sitters in Hackensack, NJ, USA →

What Makes A Good Sitter?

Finding a good sitter is not an easy task, the following articles highlight various qualities to look out for while you're gathering candidates for your open position. We also cover less commonly considered candidates such as male babysitters and answer commonly asked questions that parents have about them.

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Eunice Glory

Eunice Glory: (Babysitter, Nanny, Parent Helper) in London, England, United Kingdom

18yrs (She/Her) From £11.50/hour

Hi there, i’m Eunice a soon to be apprentice paediatric nurse. Although I have no current qualifications i have many years of experience with babysitting. I volunteer at my youth church and occas...

Sitters in London, England, United Kingdom →

Age Recommendations

What age is too young (or too old) for a child to need a sitter? And how old should a sitter be? The following articles offer recommendations for sitter and child ages depending on the job requirements.

Angeleea Bitner

Angeleea Bitner: (Babysitter) in Cedar City, UT, USA

26yrs (She/Her) From $10/hour

I have always loved kids, I’m reliable, honest, loving, caring, I’m a mom of 3 kids! I’ve been babysitting for 5 years! I baby sit for my family regularly. I learned CPR in child development ...

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Victoria: (Babysitter) in North Lakes, QLD, Australia

21yrs (She/Her) From $50/hour

Hello, My name is Victoria but I usually go as Vicky. I am a university student and the oldest of three children. I have had a lot of experience with babysitting from ages as young as 1 month til...

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Sitters in North Lakes, QLD, Australia →

How Much Should You Pay A Sitter?

One of the most common questions parents have about babysitting is how much they should pay their sitter. The following articles look at the many factors that influence babysitter pay including your geographic location, age and experience of the sitter, age and number of children, and specific job requirements.

Ana Rosa Benavides

Ana Rosa Benavides: (Babysitter, Nanny) in San Diego, CA, USA

42yrs (She/Her) From $22/hour

Being a nanny had been a great experience. Working with kids are been blessed in my life. I learned a lot about children. I just enjoy being a nanny.

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How To Prepare For A New Sitter

If you’ve never hired a babysitter before you may be wondering how you should prepare, the following articles cover all the main things you should know.


Alicia: (Babysitter) in Brisbane City, QLD, Australia

28yrs (She/Her) From $30/hour

Hi there. I'm Alicia and I'm 26 years old. I'm a recent graduate of a Bachelor of Primary Education and am now a qualified teacher. I worked as an OSHC Educator for 4 years at local pri...

Sitters in Brisbane City, QLD, Australia →

Emily O’Sullivab

Emily O’Sullivab: (Nanny) in Tulsa, OK, USA

19yrs (She/Her) From $20/hour

I just graduated from Holland Hall High school. I am CPR, and lifeguard certified. I have such a love for kids and being around them.

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Sitters in Tulsa, OK, USA →

Sitter Responsibilities

The responsibilities your sitter has while on the job should be agreed to beforehand so everyone’s expectations are met. The following articles can help you to decide what’s right for you.

Warren Knibbs

Warren Knibbs: (Babysitter, Nanny, Parent Helper, Au Pair) in Auckland, New Zealand

26yrs (He/His) From $25/hour

Hi I am 26 years old from the UK, I'm in New Zealand on a working holiday visa. I have over 8 years of experience working with children of all ages. From babies to teenagers. I've worked for alot...

Sitters in Auckland, New Zealand →

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Babysitting Issues

Babysitting is not always easy for sitters or parents but it should always be safe. In the following articles, we reveal some key warning signs that you should be looking out for to ensure that your kids are safe and being lovingly looked after whenever you're away. We also discuss the things you can, and cannot do if you suspect something may be wrong.

Myigania Nelson

Myigania Nelson: (Babysitter) in Norman, OK, USA

18yrs (She/Her) From $8/hour

I'm a student in my last year of high school, which i do online. i spend most of my time with my niece, i also have a nephew. I've taken a childhood development class for a year and i also have b...

Sitters in Norman, OK, USA →

Sitters in Hartford, CT, USA →

Special Occasions

There are several key dates and events throughout the year when babysitters are in hot demand, read our guides below to give you an advantage over other families who are competing with you for the best babysitters.

Sabrina Parker

Sabrina Parker: (Babysitter) in Tulsa, OK

19yrs (She/Her) From $15/hour

Hello, my name is Sabrina. I'm 18 years old. I have experiences with all ages. I can provide references if needed. I can do any time frame and I am available all throughout the week if needed, as...

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Aimee Calvin

Aimee Calvin: (Babysitter, Parent Helper) in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty

30yrs (She/Her) From $28/hour

I am a registered health professional who works with specifically children and their families. I am seeking work outside of my professional role where I can help you in your home or give you a mu...

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Have Fun With Your Sitter!

Great sitters will become part of the family before long so it’s important to treat them well.

Evyn Felice

Evyn Felice: (Babysitter) in Sunny Isles Beach, FL, USA

23yrs (She/Her) From $12/hour

Hi my names evyn i adore working with kids and have babysat many other children before without any problems. i’m a very responsible and mature person and would be very careful when watching your ...

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Sitters in Sunny Isles Beach, FL, USA →


Madeleine: (Babysitter) in Friendswood, TX, USA

20yrs (She/Her) From $10/hour

Love kids, love cooking, speak Chinese to a level! And understand it fluently

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Sitters in Friendswood, TX, USA →

Parent Admin

Hiring a babysitter comes with extra responsibilities and duties because you are an employer. In these articles, we discuss the various admin tasks that may be asked of you such as writing babysitting references for past employees and we also cover how this can affect your tax.

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