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Emily Troup

Emily Troup
Panama City, FL US

Michelle Zheng

Michelle Zheng
London, England UK

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I found the tips on Kidsit so incredibly helpful, direct, clear, actionable and reasonable. The website is easy to navigate, the illustrations are engaging and I literally just want to spend hours exploring.
Joanna Humphrey Flynn
5 stars
Joanna Humphrey Flynn
Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Competitive Pay Rates (Jun 2024)

Average hourly service rates per country:
Babysitting $17.21
Pet Sitting $15.63
Dog Walking $15.19
Babysitting $20.35
Pet Sitting $19.49
Dog Walking $20.22
United Kingdom
Babysitting £11.66
Pet Sitting £11.25
Dog Walking £10.93
Babysitting $30.63
Pet Sitting $30.42
Dog Walking $22.00
New Zealand
Babysitting $25.93
Pet Sitting $25.67
Dog Walking $19.00

Rates are calculated daily from our live member data