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Babysitting Flyers: Free Online Maker! (3 Easy Steps to Create Customized Flyers!)

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19 Jun 2024

 Matthew James Taylor

Written & Illustrated by
Matthew James Taylor

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Step 1. Choose A Template

Click one of our designs below to begin:

Step 2. Customize Your Design

This is where you can personalize your flyer to match your exact needs.

Headline writing tips

The purpose of your headline is to catch people’s attention, so keep it short and simple!

It’s best to include the keywords babysitting, babysitter, or babysit in your headline. If not, make sure the service you offer is clearly stated in your main description.

If you offer extra services then it's a good idea to include that too, for example, can you do: housekeeping, cleaning, pet sitting, dog walking, tutoring, or sports coaching?

Examples of good flyer headlines:

  • I Can Babysit For You
  • Babysitter For Hire
  • You Deserve A Night Off!
  • Babysitting by Emily
  • Need A Babysitter?
  • Babysitter, English Tutor
  • Your Local Babysitter
  • Babysitting & Housekeeping

You can always try a variety of headlines if you can’t decide on a favorite.

Choose a fun image:

Help, with choosing images

The image you choose can make a difference in how effective a flyer can be. Choose something that people will notice, matches your personality, and illustrates the services you provide.

  • Color images: These will make your flyer stand out on the street or in the middle of a busy notice board.
  • Black & White images: Stick to the basics if you only have a black laser printer and the results can still be eye-catching.
  • Grey tones: You can achieve a greyscale look by choosing a color image and setting your printer to black & white mode before printing.

Can't decide on a favorite image? Why not create lots of different flyers to test what works best!

Pick a size for your image:

Which image size is best?

The size of your image will depend on how much text you have to fit in and how eye-catching you need your flyer to be.

  • Large images: These are more likely to get noticed particularly when surrounded by other notices with lots of words.
  • Small images: You can get more room for your written information if you use small images. This is useful if you have lots of qualifications and experience that you want to showcase.
  • Medium images: This gives you a bit of both.

Help, what should I write?

You have limited space so only include the most important information, and always tell the truth!

Below are some good examples to work with, I've broken them down by category:

Your traits

  • I adore kids.
  • I'm reliable, responsible, honest, and caring.


  • I have 6 months of babysitting experience.
  • I've worked with kids for the last 2 years at my community center and I love it.
  • I'm from a big family and regularly babysit my younger siblings and cousins.


  • I'm currently completing a bachelor of education at XX University.
  • I have a degree in psychology from XX college.
  • I just completed high school.


  • I have a current first-aid certificate.
  • I'm trained in CPR.
  • I have a drivers license and can pick up your kids from school.
  • I'm a registered childcare worker.

See our complete list of babysitting qualifications for more ideas.

Special skills

  • I'm fluent in English and Japanese.
  • I can coach swimming.
  • I love to cook!
  • I play the guitar and can sing.
  • I love to draw and do crafts with kids.

See even more ideas here: What to include on a babysitting flyer.


  • Available weekends and evenings.
  • Available Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.
  • Available most evenings with one day notice.

Your rate

  • From $15 per hour.
  • $20 daytime, $15 evenings.
  • $55 per evening (up to 4 hours.)
  • $15 per hour ($20 including light housekeeping.)

See our guide: How to set your babysitting rate for help pricing your services.

Just your first name is fine.

Step 3. Print Your Flyer!

Click the button below to generate your free flyer and open it in a new window. You can print it from your computer or download the PDF file to print later.

You're done! =)

Get Help With Your Flyers

Kidsit can help you at every step in your babysitting venture. Click below to jump down to each help topic:

PDF Printing Tips

Are your flyers not printing to the edge? Select the ‘fit to page’ option in your print settings or adjust the size to be slightly less than 100%.

Is your text overlapping the tear-off tabs? Try using a smaller image, reduce your headline to one line, or shorten your text to the most important points.

Is the ink running on your flyers when they get wet? Some inkjet printers use ink that dissolves in water, to stop running ink, use a water-resistant ink cartridge.

Hand-colored babysitting flyer
Printed in black then colored with markers!

Alternatively, print your flyers on a black & white laser printer or take your PDF file to your local copy center and use their color laser printers.

Another great idea is to print black flyers then let kids color them for you! This is not only a fun babysitting activity for kids but it looks great and adds a lovely personal touch to your flyers that people will notice!

Tips For Managing PDF Files

How do I save my PDF file? Choose the save option from the PDF menu to save a copy to your computer or mobile phone. On mobile, you may have to tap the screen to make the menu overlay appear before you can see it.

How do I email my PDF file? First download the PDF file (see above) then open a new email, click the paperclip icon and select your file to attach it. You can now send your printable flyer to whoever you like!

Where Is The Best Place To Post Babysitting Flyers?

Get more job opportunities by posting flyers near places where local parents with kids are most likely to see them.

Here are the top locations that I recommend:

Places where kids play

Parents are never far away from their playing kids, particularly younger children. Try postering flyers near:

  • Playgrounds
  • Parks
  • Community centers
  • Local beaches & public waterways
  • Pools and waterparks
  • Sports centers

Places where families visit

The following locations are frequently visited by families with kids, poster your flyers nearby so they see them as they walk past:

  • Schools
  • Daycare centers
  • Toy shops
  • Kids clothing stores
  • Children’s hospitals
  • Kid-friendly cafes and restaurants
  • Your local library
  • Art galleries and museums
  • Doctors surgeries and Chemists.
  • Shopping centers

Busy places with lots of foot traffic

Flyers in the busiest parts of town will get noticed by a lot more people including many parents. Give these places a try:

  • Along busy roads and thoroughfares
  • Train stations
  • Bus stops
  • Ferry wharves
  • Car parks
  • In shop windows

Around your local neighborhood

The best babysitting jobs are the ones just around the corner because they’re easiest to travel to at a moments notice and they’re safer to get home from at night.

You may already know some of the kids in your local area so that might improve your chances at landing a job too.

Do a letterbox drop to promote your babysitting services and be sure to include any families with children.

Post flyers along the streets in your local residential area.

Hand-colored babysitting flyer on a street pole
This eye-catching flyer was printed in black and white then my three-year-old son colored it in for me. These hand-colored flyers can be very effective at catching parent's attention on the street!

Postering is such an effective marketing strategy! Read my article 12 Reasons Why Babysitting Flyers Work So Well to see all the reasons why.

Make Sure You Have Permission To Post Flyers

Most towns have great places where everyone has permission to post flyers such as on public notice boards and designated posting poles, but for everywhere else make sure you are allowed.

Visit your local council to learn what the postering laws are in your area.

Always ask establishment owners before posting in shop windows or on privately owned notice boards.

Never post on private property, including at schools, unless you have prior written authorization to do so.

You may find that posting on poles in the streets around schools (and other private locations) is more effective anyway.

Plan Your Postering Expedition

Postering works great when you can plan to dedicate a few hours to do a good job.

What to bring

  • An over-shoulder bag or backpack that you can easily carry with one arm (while opened) without things falling out.
  • Your printed flyers. Put them inside the bag in a place where they’re easy to access. Print a variety of different templates and designs to test out.
  • A few rolls of clear sticky tape, you will almost definitely need more than you think!
  • A drink (if it’s hot weather.)
  • Your mobile phone because you might start receiving calls while you’re still postering!
Babysitting Flyers checklist

Babysitting Flyers (Checklist)

Download and print out this checklist to take with you when posting flyers around your neighborhood.

Bonus pole postering instructions are also included.

Free Download

(babysitting-flyers-checklist.pdf 14kb)

Check out our other babysitting checklists too!

Plan your route

Look at a map of your local area and come up with a rough plan of where you want to go and in what order.

Make sure you have enough flyers for your route.

You can even prepare different flyers to match different locations that you plan to visit.

Bring a friend

If you’re feeling a bit shy or if you’d just prefer a bit of company, invite a friend along and have fun postering together.

One person can hold the flyer while the other tapes it.

Or have a little competition and see who can poster the most in an hour. You can do both sides of the street at the same time!

How to Tape Pole Posters

There is both an art and a science to postering efficiently.

How to tape up a pole poster
This illustration demonstrates the four simple steps to tape a poster to a pole with one long strip of tape.

My recommended technique is to hold your flyer against the pole, then tape across the top of the paper, spiral behind-and-down the pole and tape across the bottom in one big ‘swoop’ of tape. I find this works much better (and faster) than using separate pieces of tape for each corner, plus it's less likely to fall off in the wind!

Give it a try:

  • Your first attempt will probably be a total disaster!
  • Your second attempt will be much better but it will take you forever!
  • By number 10 you will be twice as fast but probably a bit rough.
  • By number 100 you will have developed your special technique that looks something like karate!

However you do it, just don’t tape over the rip-off tabs, otherwise, they become a bit difficult for people to use! :P

Stay Safe While Postering

Here are a few things that you can do to stay safe while postering flyers:

  • Always let someone know that you are postering, where you intend to be, and what time you expect to be back.
  • Never poster alone at night. Morning is probably the safest time plus you may meet more parents with kids who are often up early.
  • Always bring your mobile phone in case of emergencies.
  • Say hello to your neighbors and tell them what you’re doing if they ask. The more neighbors who know you, the safer you can be in your local area.
  • Bring a friend along if you can and look out for each other.

If a situation or person seems suspicious leave the area straight away, it’s just not worth the risk. You can always try postering there again on a different day.

See our safe babysitting guide for safety tips on the job too.

Monitor Your Posters

Keep an eye on your posters from time to time to see how they’re going.

Have any tabs been torn off?

Have any been taken down or postered over?

You may find that flyers in busy areas don’t last as long and you may need to redo those locations. In residential areas, they can last a lot longer.

If you’re lucky, some of your flyers will last for months. Take note of these locations, you’ll want to keep using them because they work so well!

When families contact you, always ask where they heard about your services so you know what areas are the most effective for flyer advertising.

What To Do When A Family Calls You!

Congratulations! 🎉

When families contact you, it means your babysitting services are in demand.

We have lots of useful guides to help you through the next steps on your babysitting venture.

How to ace your babysitting job interview

For a babysitting interview, you want to be well presented, have all your paperwork with you, and be prepared for the common questions that parents are likely to ask.

Read our interview guides so you can stand out from the competition!

Babysitting Tips

Read our guides on how to babysit children of different ages and how your general duties change depending on child maturity.

Learn how to babysit:

Child entertainment ideas

Looking for things to keep the kids occupied while you’re babysitting? Check out our 200+ babysitting activities and filter by age or category to find the perfect games, fun crafts, and ideas that children love.

Beginner babysitter tips

These guides will be perfect for getting yourself started as a babysitter:

Other helpful tips

Babysitting requires a lot of different skills. Here are some of our most popular tips:

Good Luck And Have Fun!

Stay safe and enjoy your postering expeditions.

I hope you find the best local babysitting jobs with loving families!

And don't forget to try our other useful tools:

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