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Kidsit Terms Of Service

Last updated 9 April 2024

User Agreement

These terms and conditions constitute your agreement (the "Agreement") with Kidsit ("Kidsit") in relation to your participation in Kidsit, your use of the Kidsit website (the "Website"), your access to and submission of material to the Website, and your communications with other users of the Website.


In this Agreement, "Sitter" includes any individual or organization providing child-minding or pet sitting services, or related agency services, and who is a member of the Website; "Parent" means any parent, guardian, or person taking responsibility for a child who is seeking child-minding services or pet owner who is seeking pet sitting services from a Sitter through the Website; "Sitting Services" means the services to be provided by a Sitter as described in a Job Ad, including any changes agreed to between a Sitter and a Parent before or after a Sitter accepts a job.

How the Website Works

The Website is a job advertisement platform for Sitters and Parents to connect. Sitters can use the Website to advertise their child-minding and pet sitting services by creating a "Sitter Profile". Parents can use the Website to contact Sitters by creating a "Job Ad" and sharing it with them. Sitters and Parents must become members of Kidsit in order to access content that is published on the Website and to use the services provided by the Website.

Sitters must provide details of their general residential location (i.e. town / suburb / city) in order to create a Sitter Profile. This information is made available to the public. Once a Sitter Profile has been created, Sitters can edit, update, or temporarily hide their profile. Sitter Profiles that have been created may be communicated to Parents whose job requirements match the qualifications stated in the Sitter Profile. The matching of Sitter Profiles will be done solely at Kidsit’s discretion and based on Kidsit’s proprietary algorithms.

Parents must provide details of their general residential location (i.e. town / suburb / city) in order to create a Job Ad and contact a Sitter. This information will be made available to the public. Once a Job Ad has been created, Parents can edit, update, or temporarily hide their ad. Job Ads that have been created may be communicated to Sitters whose qualifications match the job requirements. The matching of Job Ads will be done solely at Kidsit’s discretion and based on Kidsit’s proprietary algorithms.

Without limiting the responsibilities of either Parents or Sitters under this Agreement, Kidsit reserves the right to permanently or temporarily remove or delete Job Ads and Sitter Profiles, or terminate membership as we see fit, including if we believe the content displayed violates the terms of this Agreement, is inappropriate, or otherwise has the potential to harm, endanger or violate the rights of any person.


By agreeing to become a member of the Website and to participate in Kidsit, Kidsit will make features of the Website available to you. There are presently no costs for becoming a member. Kidsit may in the future charge for certain services or features offered on the Website. If that occurs, Kidsit will notify you of any changes and ask you to reconfirm your membership and acceptance of any revised terms. Individuals applying for membership and any Sitter published in a Sitter Profile must be 18 years of age or older, or 16/17 years old and have permission from their parent or guardian to use this website. Sitters must be legally able to work in the country where their Sitter Profile is listed.

Individuals who are registering for membership must provide Kidsit with their full name, a verified email address, and a verified mobile number. The full name will be made available to the public on the Website. Member mobile numbers and email addresses will be hidden from the public. A member’s account is identified by the email address provided and only one account can be created for that particular email address.

Once an account has been activated, the account user can edit their personal details and update their system preferences via the Settings page. Members can pause and reactivate their accounts as they choose. Kidsit, however, reserves the right to deactivate or delete accounts that have become inactive for a substantial period of time. Members can also delete their accounts. This does not preclude them from creating a new account in the future using the same email address that was used for their previous account.

In order for accounts to remain active, members must agree to receive system messages by email and/or SMS. These messages relate to the general running of the Website and members’ accounts, including Website announcements, account notices, and system alerts. Members must verify their email address before receiving emails from the Website.

Kidsit uses Brevo as its marketing platform for sending emails and SMS messages. All members must agree to the Sendinblue terms of use to become a Kidsit Member.

Kidsit’s Role & Obligations

Kidsit provides the Website only, enabling Parents and Sitters to publish Job Ads and Sitter Profiles on the Website and connect with each other through the Website.

Members acknowledge that in engaging a Sitter for a job, they are entering into a legal agreement between the Parent and the Sitter. Kidsit is not part of that legal agreement. Kidsit accepts no liability for any aspect of the Parent and Sitter interaction, or any agreement for the provision of Sitting Services, including but not limited to the description, performance, or delivery of the Sitting Services rendered in connection with a Job Ad.

Kidsit does not verify the qualifications, experience, or any other information provided by Sitters, including but not limited to any "Working with Children" authorizations. Kidsit strongly recommends that parents, carers, or guardians verify a Sitter’s credentials before accepting their services. Instructions for verifying a Sitter’s credentials can be found in our Parent's Guide. Similarly, Kidsit does not verify the conduct or quality of Parents or the accuracy of information provided by Parents in respect of a Job Ad.

The information contained within the Website is of a general nature only. While Kidsit will use its best endeavors to monitor the Website, Kidsit makes no representations as to the quality, accuracy, or completeness of the material that is published on the Website or information that is otherwise provided by any member. Members of the Website acknowledge that changes may occur at any time which may affect the accuracy of information provided on the Website. Kidsit is not responsible for any loss or damage suffered or any liability incurred by members from using or relying on information that is published on the Website.

Kidsit may change the functionality of the Website at any time. Kidsit does not warrant that access to the Website will be uninterrupted or error-free. In no circumstances will Kidsit be liable for any loss or damage arising from or connected to business interruptions of any type, including but not limited to inability to the access the Website.

Members Obligations

Members agree that they will at all times comply with this Agreement and all laws and regulations that are applicable, and will not use the Website for any illegal or unlawful purposes, including but not limited to advertising products or any third party services, including services provided by other childcare service providers; requesting money or selling products; stalking, abusing, or harassing members in any way; swearing, being rude, or posting offensive material on the Website; providing false or misleading information. Any and all legal or regulatory requirements or obligations relating to the conduct of any Sitter’s business are the sole responsibility of the Sitter. Kidsit does not warrant that any use of the Website is legally permitted, nor that it will not infringe any law or regulation. Kidsit expressly disclaims any liability any Sitter may incur in that regard.

Members acknowledge they are wholly responsible for their conduct and use of the Website, including content and material they publish on the Website, and that they use the Website at their own risk. Members accept and acknowledge that Kidsit is not in any way responsible or liable for the conduct of members, whether in connection with their use of the Website or their conduct towards other members through the Website or by any other means.

Kidsit reserves the right to reproduce, modify and adapt any information that is posted on the Website by any member for the purpose of promoting Kidsit or as otherwise may be required to ensure the smooth operation of the Website.

Members agree that they will use their best endeavors to safeguard their membership details, including their password and SMS verification code, and may not transfer or sell their account or any of its content to another person.

Provisions Which Cannot Be Excluded

Except as expressly set out in this Agreement, Kidsit makes no warranty of any kind in relation to the Website or any related services provided by Kidsit. To the extent that Kidsit incurs any liability to you under the law, the liability of Kidsit will be limited to, at the option of Kidsit, the resupply of the services provided by Kidsit under this Agreement, or the cost of resupplying those services.