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Babysitting Business Cards (Free Maker in 3 Easy Steps!)

Babysitting Business Cards

22 Jul 2021

 Matthew Taylor

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Step 1. Choose A Template

Click one of our business card designs below to begin:

Step 2. Customize Your Design

This is where you can personalize your business cards to match your specific preferences.

Headline writing tips

The trick is to keep your headline short and simple! There is not much room on a business card for long text.

It’s best to include the keywords babysitting, babysitter, or babysit in your headline, unless of course you are a nanny, au pair, or mother's helper, in that case use those words in your headline instead.

If you offer extra services then it's a good idea to include that too, for example, can you do: housekeeping, cleaning, pet sitting, tutoring, or sports coaching?

Examples of good business card headlines:

  • Babysitter, Nanny
  • Babysitter For Hire
  • Babysitting by Emily
  • Babysitter, Math Tutor
  • Your Local Babysitter
  • Babysitter & Housekeeper

You can always try a variety of headlines if you can’t decide on a favorite.

Not enough room for your headline? Enter your name in the headline field, then use the name field for your headline because it can show longer text. You'll see some examples of this below.

Choose a fun image:

Help, with choosing images

The image you choose can make a big difference to the overall look of your business cards. Choose something that reflects your personality, and illustrates the services you provide.

  • Color images: These will make your business cards stand out.
  • Black & White images: Stick to the basics if you only have a black laser printer and the results can still be eye-catching.
  • Grey tones: You can achieve a greyscale look by choosing a color image and setting your printer to black & white mode before printing.

Can't decide on a favorite image? Why not create lots of different business cards so they all look unique!

Pick a size for your image:

Which image size is best?

The size of your image will depend on the look and feel you're aiming for. Portrait images will generally look better small and landscape images as large, but experiment until you find what works for you.

  • Large images: These may get partly cut off around the edges of your cards but the image will have a greater impact.
  • Small images: These can look nice and neat and the extra white space can give a relaxed and calm feel.
  • Medium images: Sometimes somewhere in the middle may be best.

Pick a background color:

Your first name and optional last name.

Step 3. Print Your Business Cards!

Click the button below to generate your free business cards and open the printable document in a new window. You can print them from your computer or download the PDF file to print later.

You're done! =)

Click below for business card examples and other tips for babysitters:

Business Card Examples

There are so many different combinations to choose from with this babysitting business card tool. Below are some examples of what can be done to give you some ideas and inspiration.

Left-aligned text

Chef cooking babysitting business card Sick child Nanny business card Child running babysitting business card Happy sun babysitting business card Nurtitionist babysitter business card Child with blocks babysitting business card

Text on the right

Toy phone babysitter tutor business card Child with drawing nanny business card Child with nanny business card Male babysitter business card Babysitter holding baby business card Nanny babysitter business card

Centered examples

Honest dependable hard-working business card Babysitter housekeeper business card Skipping child local babysitter business card Teacher English tutor babysitting business card Face painting babysitter business card Black and white rocket babysitting business card

Vertical business cards

Boy with teddy vertical business card Doctor vertical business card Formula bottle vertical business card Nanny cleaner vertical business card Play fort vertical business card Happy child vertical business card

How to Use Your Business Cards

Whether you’re a babysitter, nanny, au pair, mother’s helper, or some other kind of childcare worker, business cards are an essential part of your marketing strategy.

There are several ways your business cards can get you more work, repeat jobs, and greater flexibility in your weekly schedule.

  • Letterbox drops

    Walk around your local neighborhood and place a business card in the letterbox of families who have kids. This is an excellent way to find more work.

  • Hand them out to people you meet

    It’s always a great idea to have a bunch of spare business cards in your wallet just in case you meet someone who may be interested in your services.

    Hand them out to anyone who may be interested. Give people a few extras if they know other families that have kids too.

  • Calling cards

    After you complete a babysitting job with a new family, leave a business card behind to encourage repeat jobs. Use a magnet to stick it on the fridge!

  • For leaving notes

    Leave the back of your business card blank and always carry a pen so you can write short notes. This can be very useful in all kinds of situations.

The more your business cards can get out there, the more chances families will contact you.

Are you interested in other promotion secrets? Check out my article on the best and cheapest promotion ideas for babysitters.

Do you like this business card generator? You will love our babysitting flyer maker too!

Home Printing Tips

You can print your business cards on any home printer but here are a few tips for achieving the best results:

  • Print on card stock or thicker paper to make your cards feel more professional.
  • Use a color printer if you have one, alternatively, choose black and white images and color your cards by hand for a custom look.
  • Set your printer to print at 100% zoom so your cards come out at the correct size.
  • Use a guillotine to cut out your cards with beautiful straight edges. Here’s a cheap guillotine on Amazon that does a brilliant job.

Safety Tips

Always keep your safety in mind when promoting your babysitting services. Here are some essential tips:

  • Don’t include your full name on your business cards. It’s just not necessary.
  • Never put your address on your business cards. Your exact location should be kept private until you know your clients better.
  • Don't do letterbox drops on your own. Take a friend with you so you're not walking around the streets by yourself.
  • Never give a business card to anyone with who you don’t feel comfortable. It’s always best to be more cautious than too open and trusting.

Babysitting Tips

Here at Kidsit we have all the information you need to become the best babysitter you can be. Check out our Complete Guide to Babysitting for everything from interviews, safety, child entertainment, and even tax help. This guide is designed to help everyone from complete beginners to seasoned professionals.

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