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Babysitting FAQ for Caregivers

(Everything Beginner-Babysitters Need to Know)

When deciding to become a babysitter it’s normal to have a lot of questions about how to start and what to expect.

Our goal at Kidsit is to help you become the best babysitter you can be so we have written detailed answers to the frequently asked questions by beginner babysitters.

Click each question to show our quick answer, then follow the links to learn everything there is to know about each topic.

Getting Started Babysitting:

How Do I Know if Babysitting is Right For Me?

Here are the top 11 reasons why babysitters find this job a great choice:

  1. Babysitters love what they do
  2. You can stay in-touch with your inner-child
  3. It's easy to get started
  4. You can make a difference in children's lives
  5. You can learn valuable skills
  6. It's a fulfilling way to earn extra money
  7. You can babysit while studying
  8. You're encouraged to gain important qualifications
  9. Babysitting prepares you for a career in childcare
  10. There are many opportunities for personal development
  11. Caring for children may be your calling in life

Read more about each of these benefits.

Can I Babysit Without Qualifications?

In most places, you don't need qualifications to babysit. However, parents prefer carers with a First Aid Certificate & other basic credentials. Find out which qualifications you need.

What Skills Can I Learn From Babysitting?

Babysitting can teach you hundreds of skills, most of which are fully transferrable to other occupations. The main kinds of skills you can learn include:

  • Practical childcare skills
  • Business know-how
  • Essential homemaker skills
  • Personal development

Read more about these skills and why they're so valuable.

Can Men Babysit?

Men can definitely babysit. However, there is a lot of stigmatism in child care. It can be more challenging for male caregivers to find work as a babysitter. However, it is definitely possible, and usually when the babysitter has a number of positive reviews, finding work isn’t a problem.

Learn more about the issues men face as babysitters and how you can overcome them by reading this article.

How do I Stay Safe When Babysitting?

Stay safe when working as a babysitter by always telling a friend or relative when and where you will be, keep a list of emergency numbers handy on your mobile, be careful lifting kids, and ensure your work environment is safe. Learn more safety tips here.

About Babysitting Work:

Is Babysitting a Real Job?

Babysitting is most definitely a real job. Sitters get paid in real money and have real work. You can also earn more while babysitting than a lot of other jobs. Learn more by reading this article.

Is Babysitting Considered Work Experience?

Babysitting can definitely be considered work experience for your resume, job application, or college application. See how to list your experience on your resume here.

Does Babysitting for Free Count as Community Service?

Babysitting for free is definitely a form of community service. Learn how it can help people in the community and you by reading this article.

How do I add Babysitting to my Resume?

You'll want to highlight your babysitting experience in several different places on your resume. The Experience section will highlight your position and some of the key duties and responsibilities that were involved. Your Skills section will separately list things such as CPR and First Aid certification. Past employers who will speak favorably of you should be listed in your References section. Read this article for extra tips and examples.

What Should I Bring to a Babysitting Job?

To be well-prepared for a babysitting job, you need to bring things to (1) engage the children (2) keep them safe in case of emergency and (3) be prepared for unexpected surprises. Click here to see the top 18 essential items we recommend you pack.

What Should I Wear When Babysitting?

Here are the most practical clothing suggestions for babysitting jobs:

  • Make sure that your clothing is easy to wash
  • Don’t wear revealing or tight clothing
  • Make sure that your clothes don’t restrict your movement
  • Avoid hanging/grabbable jewelry
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Aim for a clean and casual look

If you want a more detailed answer, then read this article, we’ll go over all the tips and tricks that will help you nail it from the first visit.

Should Babysitters Clean?

Cleaning is a part of doing a good job. A good babysitter will tidy up any mess made while caring for the children. But how much cleaning is necessary? Learn how to manage parent's cleaning expectations.

Is Babysitting an Easy Job?

Babysitting can be an easy job if you’re taking care of a sleeping child, or one that is watching a movie. If you are hired to interact with the kid for a period of time, it’s not as easy, but most days will be somewhere in the middle; not super easy and not super difficult. Learn our essential tricks for making babysitting easy.

Should I Babysit when Sick?

If a babysitter feels too sick to work, she should stay home. Working while sick is not only unfair to the babysitter, but also to the family. There’s a high chance that a contagious person will make everyone else sick, too. All of these expectations should be set during the hiring process. Learn more in this article.

How To Be a Good Babysiter:

How do I keep kids safe?

To be a safe babysitter you need to be knowledgeable of basic first aid and be able to keep young children within eyesight. You need to be aware of your surroundings to protect the children from environmental hazards and know how to handle an emergency situation. Learn our essential safety tips here.

What Activities Should I Do When Babysitting?

Entertaining kids can be tough but we have over 200 fun activities you can try:

How Do I Babysit a Baby?

To babysit a baby you’ll need to attend to their every need. Typically, you will be responsible for entertaining the baby, feeding them, burping them, changing them, and keeping them safe at all times, basically everything. Learn the essential details to successul babysitting here.

How do I Get Kids to Bed?

Follow these 8 essential bedtime tips:

  1. Get Kids to Bed On Time.
  2. Make a Good Sleep Environment.
  3. Offer the Right Snacks and Drinks Before Bed.
  4. Maintain a Consistent Bedtime Routine.
  5. Learn How to Wind-Down Kids Before Bed.
  6. Address Any Bedtime Fears.
  7. Be Aware How the Day’s Activities Affect Bedtime.
  8. Learn How to Put a Baby to Sleep.

Read on for more details.

How Do I Babysit a Sick Child?

If you're babysitting a sick child, I highly recommend you follow these 10 worry-free steps:

  1. Give a sick child lots of love.
  2. Make sure they're comfortable.
  3. Keep up their fluid intake to prevent dehydration.
  4. Feed them healthy food.
  5. Allow for extra nap time.
  6. Provide low-energy entertainment.
  7. Keep everything clean to stop the spread of germs.
  8. Reduce physical contact to prevent getting sick.
  9. Follow parental instructions.
  10. Call for help in an emergency.

Read the full article here.

Need an answer to a question not listed here? Contact us with your query and we’ll add it to the list.

Written and Illustrated by:

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Matthew Taylor

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