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Babysitting Safety

(Keep the Kids & You Away from Danger!)

As a babysitter, safety must be your top priority. You are responsible for the children under your care at all times and it’s your duty to protect them from any dangers that may present themselves.

Dangers for children can be physical, like road traffic, choking hazards, sharp objects, or hot water, but they can also take more hidden forms such as stranger danger, food allergies, and electrical shock!

Your personal safety is also important. Babysitting work often includes meeting unfamiliar people, commuting late at night, and sending or receiving money online, each of these carry real risks that can’t be ignored.

That’s why, at Kidsit, we have assembled a growing library of useful articles and resources to help babysitters of all levels to learn and practice safe babysitting.

Here are our top safety articles for babysitters

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Babysitting qualification

Babysitting Qualifications (Which Ones Do You Need?)

Learn the most popular babysitting qualifications, what they are, why you need them, and how they can put you ahead of the competition when applying for jobs.

Babysitter insurance

Do Babysitters & Nannies Need Insurance? (Guide for Caregivers)

Learn why a babysitter might get insurance, what insurance the parents should have, and what insurance requirements there are for a child care center.

Babysitter with responsibility list

Babysitting Responsibilities (23 Common Duties on the Job)

Learn the most common responsibilities that parents expect of their babysitters and how your duties may change depending on the job requirements.

Birthday cake

Babysitting Age: When Can You Start? (Laws & Maturity Requirements)

Learn how to tell for yourself if you're old enough to start babysitting, and things you can do to make yourself more likely to get hired as a young babysitter.

Bubble bath

How to get Kids Into the Bath (10 Genius Tips + Common Bath Time Fears)

Use the tricks in this article to reliably get kids into the bath every time, with zero fuss and no complaining!


Babysitting at the Beach (21 Seaside Activities + Checklist)

Learn what to pack for the beach, what kinds of fun seaside activities you can do, and some safety tips babysitters should keep in mind.

Online safety

How to Stay Safe Online as a Babysitter (11 Rules to Follow)

Learn how babysitters can communicate online safely, send and receive money with minimal risk, and protect yourself from viruses, hackers, and scammers

Babysitting interview expectations

Babysitting Interviews: What to Expect (Phone & In-Person)

I'll walk you through the major steps of a babysitting interview process so you'll know how to prepare and what to expect.

Babysitting at night

Babysitting at Night (Dinner, Baths & Bedtime Routine Tips)

Learn the different tasks and responsibilities that need doing if you're babysitting at night time including the finer art of bedtime routines.

Sick babysitter

Should you Babysit when Sick? (How to Manage Parent Expectations)

How sick is too sick? Do I need to find a replacement? What are the risks of babysitting when sick? Read on for the answers.

A babysitter caring for a sick child

How to babysit a sick child (10 worry-free tips)

Caring for sick children doesn't have to be difficult. Follow my 10 worry-free tips to create a fun and rewarding experience that encourages a fast recovery, and don't get sick in the process!

Babysitter with a license

Babysitting License (What is it and How do I Get One?)

We explain what a babysitting license is, what different kinds of certification are available, how to get a license, and whether you can babysit without one.

Male babysitter playing football with a child

Can Men Babysit? Why Aren’t There Many Male Babysitters?

Men can definitely babysit, but there is a lot of stigmatism in child care. We go over the challenges male babysitters face, as well as how to overcome them.

Babysitter hugging a boy

Can You Babysit Without Qualifications?

In most places, you don't need qualifications to babysit. However, parents prefer carers with a First Aid Certificate & other basic credentials. Find out what qualifications you need.