Parents using a babysitter

Babysitting Tips for Parents

(Find and Hire Babysitters with Confidence)

Trusting your children with someone you don’t know can be stressful. At Kidsit, we aim to provide parents with tools, tips and advice to make babysitting easier, safer, and a more rewarding experience for your whole family.

Do You Pay a Babysitter for an Interview?

Parent discussing payment during a babysitter interview

It's not normal to pay a babysitter for an interview, however, for babysitting, there's one key exception you should know.

Do You Provide Dinner for Your Babysitter?

Babysitter eating a sandwich and an apple

Learn what babysitters expect from parents when it comes to food. If you decide to provide dinner, try our 8 easy food ideas that are perfect for babysitters on the job.