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Parents using a babysitter

Babysitting Tips for Parents

(Find and Hire Babysitters with Confidence)

Trusting your children with someone you don’t know can be stressful. At Kidsit, we aim to provide parents with tools, tips and advice to make babysitting easier, safer, and a more rewarding experience for your whole family.

Kidsit Babysitter with baby

Is Daycare Cheaper than a Nanny?

Learn about the pros, cons, and costs of both daycare programs and hiring a nanny, plus we investigate some alternatives to consider.

Kidsit Babysitter with baby

The Best Ways to Hire a Babysitter

Follow our step by step guide to hiring a babysitter from start to finish including screening, interviewing, performing background checks, and making an offer.

Kidsit Babysitter with baby

What is a Babysitter?

Learn exactly what a babysitter is, what job duties they do, the hours they work, how much they charge, and how they can help your family.

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Can You Write Off Babysitting Expenses?

Learn what babysitting expenses parents are eligible for, and receive a tax credit or deduction. It can save you thousands of dollars!

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What to Look For in a Babysitter

Learn which qualities and characteristics a babysitter should have that make them a great caregiver your whole family will love.

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Babysitter vs Nanny

Make the right choice for your family by learning the subtle differences between babysitters and nannies and their typical responsibilities.

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29 Jobs For New Moms

Learn which jobs are super flexible and let you work around your existing childcare schedule and earn some extra money!

Babysitter pay

Babysitter Pay

Learn how much babysitters get paid in various countries and cities, and how to price a babysitter for your specific situation.

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37 Babysitter Pranks

Be aware that pulling a prank on your babysitter means you're probably going to get one in return. So make sure you can handle the consequences!

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Benefits Of Hiring A Babysitter

Learn some non-obvious benefits when it comes to hiring a babysitter for your child or children. We'll also touch on a few of the disadvantages to consider.

Interviewing a babysitter

How To Interview A Babysitter

Follow our tips to make sure the interview process goes smoothly and read our general guide on how the process should work.

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How to Fire a Babysitter Politely

Learn how to fire your babysitter nicely and as smoothly as possible. As well as reasons you might fire a babysitter and reasons why you probably shouldn't.

Nanny cam

Is It Legal to Record a Babysitter?

Learn the basic laws that various countries have about recording people with or without their consent, and see the pros and cons of using a nanny cam.

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43 Babysitter Interview Questions

Make sure your babysitter is capable, experienced, is a great fit for your family, and has a great personality too by asking the right questions.

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How Often Do You Use a Babysitter?

The majority of families will need to hire a babysitter between once per week and 1-2 times per month but it depends on your family's individual needs.

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How Many Babies Can a Babysitter Watch?

Babysitters can take care of more than one child at once. But there is a limit on how many kids a babysitter can watch effectively.

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Can You Sue a Babysitter?

To successfully win a lawsuit against a negligent babysitter, you'll need to prove a duty of care, a breach of their duty, and causation.

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Is it Safe to Hire a Male Babysitter?

A male babysitter can be just as safe, caring, and responsible as a female one. Compare their qualifications and recommendations just like other candidates.

Parent discussing payment during a babysitter interview

Do You Pay a Babysitter for an Interview?

It's not normal to pay a babysitter for an interview, however, for babysitting, there's one key exception you should know.

Babysitter eating a sandwich and an apple

Do You Provide Dinner for Your Babysitter?

Learn what babysitters expect from parents when it comes to food. If you decide to provide dinner, try our 8 easy food ideas that are perfect for babysitters on the job.