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About Write for us:
Babysitter using a computer

Write For Us: We're always looking for well-qualified individuals to share their babysitting knowledge

Update: Due to the number of emails I get, I cannot reply to everyone. Please read and follow the instructions below and only contact me if you have skills or qualifications relevant to babysitting. Thank you. - Matt :)

Do you love kids and love to write?

Do you have babysitting experience or parenting advice to share?

If so, we want to hear from you.

Why write for us?

Publishing articles on Kidsit is a great way to give back to the community.

It's also an opportunity to promote yourself or introduce your childcare-related business to our engaged audience.

We encourage linking to useful websites to support your content, and we accept links to your own website if they are beneficial to our readers.

Contributing authors are also featured on the Kidsit about page along with a bio and profile photo.

Article submission rules

  • You must have relevant qualifications or experience relating to children or babysitting (for example, you are a babysitter, a parent, childcare worker, educator, medical practitioner, etc.)
  • Your article must be an original creation by you.
  • You must have permission to share the article with us.
  • We can only accept unpublished articles that are exclusive to Kidsit.
  • All articles must be at least 1500 words and fluff-free.
  • Your article must be about babysitting, and be useful and interesting to our audience.
  • All articles must be submitted in English.
  • You must agree we can periodically edit your work to keep the information up to date.
  • Please provide the following information when you contact us:
    • Are you a parent? If so, how many kids do you have?
    • Have you ever used a babysitter? If so, how often?
    • Are you, or have you ever been a babysitter?
    • Do you have any qualifications or education that relate to babysitting?
    • What are your other skills and interests?
    • Please provide 2 - 5 examples of your writing online.

Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we cannot guarantee everyone will get a reply, but the more information you provide, the better chance you will have.

Writing style guide

We want all our articles to feel like part of a family. The following guide will help you match our style:

Please write in English

Australian, British, and American English are all acceptable, just don't mix them up!

Use simple language.

Our audience consists of teenagers, parents, caregivers, business owners, males and females. Keep your writing simple to remain inclusive. Aim to be easily understood by 13 - 14 year olds.

Simple language is also easier to translate into other languages.

Use short paragraphs

Most traffic to Kidsit is from mobile devices so short paragraphs are best for small screens. No-one likes reading walls of text!

Use subheadings to create a strong outline

Headings help people understand the structure of your article.

Bold important passages

People don't read, they scan. Bold text helps catch the eye as you scroll.

Use a conversational writing style

Imagine you're talking to someone one-on-one and write a conversation. This direct style can feel personal and engaging.

Feel free to suggest illustration ideas

Sometimes a picture can say more than words ever can. We find simple images work best.

And lastly, read our current articles to get a feel for our website tone and voice and aim for a similar style.

Helpful writing tools we recommend

The article submission process

If you haven’t started writing yet, then we suggest creating a rough outline first.

Send us your outline and we'll let you know if you're on the right track. You don’t want to invest energy on something we're not interested in, or waste time writing on the same topic as someone else!

We may offer suggestions to improve your article structure or refine the topic at this stage.

When your outline is good then it's time to start writing.

Make sure you follow our style guide and use our recommended tools for the best result.

When your article is finished, or if you already have a completed article to share, then send it to us for review.

When we accept an article, there are several final steps before we can publish:

  • We'll ask you for a short author bio to include on our about page along with your profile photo.
  • An original illustration will be created for your article.
  • We'll do a final edit.
  • And you'll get a chance to check the result before it goes live on the website.

After your article is published on Kidsit we may make periodic updates to keep it relevant, and we may translate it into other languages to increase your audience.

Write for us today!

Contact us for more information.