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Mel: (Babysitter, Parent Helper) in Windsor, QLD

38yrs (She/Her) From $35/hour

I am a fun and loving mum who understands what life can be like. I work hard to protect and keep the kids safe, happy and healthy. I have been working with kids with disabilities for a long time,...

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Serenity: (Babysitter, Nanny, Parent Helper) in Canterbury, NSW

23yrs (She/Her) From $30/hour

I am an enthusiastic person who loves children. I have some experience between the ages of 5-13, I also have a reliable car with a clean driving record!. i am easy to work with and very flexible....

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Sitter Interview Tips

How you conduct your interview process is critical to identifying the most appropriate sitter for your family. In the following articles, we run through a recommended babysitting interview format and provide tips and tricks that you can use to learn the most about your candidates. We also offer a huge list of good interview questions and how best to utilize them depending on your unique circumstances.

Betty Salouros

Betty Salouros: (Babysitter, Nanny, Parent Helper) in Ashbury, NSW

42yrs (She/Her) From $32/hour

Hello Mum's and Dad's! It would make my day to help yourself and your kids out with the smooth running of your family program. For any further information do not hesitate to contact me.

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Selena : (Babysitter, Nanny, Parent Helper) in Randwick, NSW

44yrs (They/Their) From $28/hour


Sitters in Randwick, NSW →

How To Vet Babysitting Candidates

Sitter profiles on this site are not verified by Kidsit, it is up to the parent or guardian to do the vetting and to make sure they are who they say they are and the skills and qualifications they claim to have are valid. Follow our guides on checking babysitter references and running background checks.

Tonya Pekel

Tonya Pekel: (Babysitter, Nanny, Parent Helper, Au Pair) in Cairns, QLD

28yrs (She/Her) From $25/hour

Hello to all families ☺️ I am 27 yr old female, with nearly 3 years of a Bach. of Primary Ed completed. I have over 8 years of working with children. ages from 5 months to 13 years. I am passiona...

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Sarah: (Babysitter) in Aberfeldie, VIC

30yrs (She/Her) From $35/hour

I have been babysitting for over 10 years and have worked in childcare for 5. I have since stepped back to administration but want to continue working with children. I am first aid trained an...

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What Makes A Good Sitter?

Finding a good sitter is not an easy task, the following articles highlight various qualities to look out for while you're gathering candidates for your open position. We also cover less commonly considered candidates such as male babysitters and answer commonly asked questions that parents have about them.

Renganayaki Rajan

Renganayaki Rajan: (Babysitter) in Schofields, NSW

31yrs (She/Her) From $28/hour

Hello parents, Myself Ren, I worked as a mathematics tutor and babysitter for the past 2 years in Sydney. I will be a great care taker of your kids. I really love working with kids. I am pro...

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April: (Babysitter, Parent Helper) in Burwood, NSW

31yrs (She/Her) From $25/hour

Dear Parents, My name is April, 30 years old filipino. I have been baby sitting for around 10 years since I was in the Philippines. I have taken care of infants, toddlers and teens. I have a ...

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Age Recommendations

What age is too young (or too old) for a child to need a sitter? And how old should a sitter be? The following articles offer recommendations for sitter and child ages depending on the job requirements.


Emily: (Babysitter, Nanny, Parent Helper) in Karabar, NSW

28yrs (She/Her) From $30/hour

Hi, my name is Emily. I have 10 years experience working with children. I have worked as a private nanny, babysitter and in childcare. I now have two children of my own + two bonus childre...

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How Much Should You Pay A Sitter?

One of the most common questions parents have about babysitting is how much they should pay their sitter. The following articles look at the many factors that influence babysitter pay including your geographic location, age and experience of the sitter, age and number of children, and specific job requirements.

Sabina Thapa

Sabina Thapa: (Babysitter) in Homebush West, NSW

21yrs (She/Her) From $25/hour

Hello parents, I’m Sabina Thapa. Originally from Nepal. Currently studying diploma of early childhood education and care. Also, working in an childcare center as a educator. In my center, I have ...

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Bella: (Babysitter, Nanny) in Pyrmont, NSW

24yrs (She/Her) From $20/hour

Hello, Thank you for taking the time to view my sitter profile! My name is Bella & I'm a 23-year-old student currently living in Pyrmont, Sydney with my fiance, studying a bachelor of business ...

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How To Prepare For A New Sitter

If you’ve never hired a babysitter before you may be wondering how you should prepare, the following articles cover all the main things you should know.

Emma Mcdonald

Emma Mcdonald: (Babysitter) in Oatley, NSW

18yrs (She/Her) From $25/hour

I'm motivated and driven to help people and love kids. I'm reliable, responsible, honest, and caring. i teach at a dance studio so I'm very familiar with changing to suit a child's needs

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Sitters in Manly, NSW →

Sitter Responsibilities

The responsibilities your sitter has while on the job should be agreed to beforehand so everyone’s expectations are met. The following articles can help you to decide what’s right for you.


Ella: (Babysitter, Nanny, Parent Helper, Au Pair) in Gold Coast, QLD

25yrs (She/Her) From $35/hour

Hello, I'm Ella! I am 25 years old and currently studying Individual Disability Support, however I come from a background of Early Childhood Education and Care. Although I don't have the qualific...

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Beth Learmonth

Beth Learmonth: (Babysitter) in Melrose Park, NSW

23yrs (She/Her) From $35/hour

Hello my name is Beth and I have a pure passion for taking care of children/ being around children. I have over 6 years experience working with children starting as a childcare trainee when I was...

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Sitters in Melrose Park, NSW →

Babysitting Issues

Babysitting is not always easy for sitters or parents but it should always be safe. In the following articles, we reveal some key warning signs that you should be looking out for to ensure that your kids are safe and being lovingly looked after whenever you're away. We also discuss the things you can, and cannot do if you suspect something may be wrong.

Edit Zsido

Edit Zsido: (Babysitter, Nanny) in Pyrmont, NSW

36yrs (She/Her) From $35/hour

Dear parents, My name is Edit, I’m originally from Romania but I’m also a Hungarian citizen, with over ten years of childcare experience. I moved to Sydney a year ago to study early childhood...

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Prue Bester

Prue Bester: (Babysitter) in Shepparton, VIC

23yrs (She/Her) From $30/hour

Hey I’m Prue! I completed my Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care in 2021 and have recently just started my Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care. I currently work as an...

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Sitters in Shepparton, VIC →

Special Occasions

There are several key dates and events throughout the year when babysitters are in hot demand, read our guides below to give you an advantage over other families who are competing with you for the best babysitters.

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Ethan Lasnitzki

Ethan Lasnitzki: (Babysitter, Nanny, Parent Helper) in Bentleigh, VIC

18yrs (He/His) From $20/hour

Here to help support families that need assistance. I’m 18 and just finished school. I’m going to university in February and would love to use my kindness and support to families who need help. ...


Sitters in Bentleigh, VIC →

Have Fun With Your Sitter!

Great sitters will become part of the family before long so it’s important to treat them well.

Emma Martin

Emma Martin: (Babysitter, Nanny) in Wodonga, VIC

33yrs (She/Her) From $30/hour

Hi I'm Emma. I am mother to a 20 month old son and working towards my cert 3 in early childhood education. I love working with children and animals. I have a WWCC and police check llus 4x covid v...

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Jane Pagkaliwangan

Jane Pagkaliwangan: (Babysitter, Nanny, Parent Helper) in Burwood, NSW

21yrs (She/Her) From $25/hour

Hi! My name is Jane Pagkaliwangan! I’m 20 years old and ever since I was young, I have became the designated babysitter for my little nephews and nieces because I am the youngest out of all our c...

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Parent Admin

Hiring a babysitter comes with extra responsibilities and duties because you are an employer. In these articles, we discuss the various admin tasks that may be asked of you such as writing babysitting references for past employees and we also cover how this can affect your tax.

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