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 Alexandra Torrijos

Alexandra Torrijos

Alexa is a teacher, bilingual mother, stepmother, and promoter of learning through play. She has been helping children since 2004 and during that time she has worked as a sensory teacher, art teacher, and a tummy time play consultant. She loves inventing learning activities and new game ideas then sharing them with moms, dads, and caregivers to try at home.

Alexa runs a brilliant website called Kids Activities with Alexa where she dedicates herself to creating baby and toddler learning resources to give your little ones an advantage when entering Pre-K.

Fun Under 1 by Alexandra Torrijos

She is also the author of the book Fun Under 1 which contains 60 fun learning and play activities for babies.

Follow Alexa on social media so you never miss out on her new activities that make learning fun for kids of all ages:

Recent Contributions by Alexandra

Learning dinosaur game

The Learning Dinosaur (an Educational DIY Game for kids)

This game is an excellent opportunity to teach kids shapes, counting, coordination, gross motor skills, and eye-hand coordination skills.